Our Nuby Baby Favorites

Tell me if this sounds familiar to you. Getting ready to leave the house with your first baby involved packing multiple bags, unpacking, repacking, making several trips to the car because you can’t carry all the bags and also the baby to the car in one trip. Then you worry the whole time that you forgot something. You only packed three extra outfits. What if we are in for four explosive diapers?? Getting ready to leave the house with your second baby involved grabbing whatever was within reach, wrangling two kids and just being happy that you made it out the door at all. I once made it out with one diaper bag, two girls and zero sets of keys. Try going anywhere, including back into your own house, with zero sets of keys. So you live and you learn and by the time you’re getting ready to leave the house with the third baby, you’ve simplified, streamlined and perfected this whole going out with kids thing.

This time around I know what I need and I try to travel light. I mean, I’ve got three kids to worry about. I can’t be lugging around heavy baggage like I used to! Today I want to share with you all three of my current baby necessities that I’m not leaving home without. They are all from one of my favorite brands, Nuby. Nuby has been making safe and trusted baby products for over 35 years. I feel confident that I don’t have to worry about harmful chemicals and they have awesome products for all things baby and beyond, from feeding to teething to bath time and everything in between!

First let’s talk bottles. Getting an exclusively breastfed baby to take a bottle can be tough. I love the Nuby Comfort 360 Plus Anti-reflux & Anti-colic bottles. The bottle is silicon so you have the ability to squeeze a little milk out if you need to. I have found that this helps a lot when dealing with a newborn who has no idea what the bottle is for at first and gets mad and cries at you when you try putting it in her mouth! The nipple is super soft and Addie latched onto it really well, even from the beginning. They also have a weighted straw that helps reduce air intake which leads to gassiness, reflux and colic.

Now that Addie is four moths old, she needs to be kept busy sometimes which means I need a toy or two. My two go-to toys right now are the Nuby Chewy Charms Teether and the Nuby Teething Blankie. The Chewy Charms Teether is easy for little hands to grab onto. Addie loves all of the different textures and keeps herself occupied chewing on the different parts. The Teething Blankie is great because it’s the perfect size to easily fit in the diaper bag. Addie loves the crinkle noise that it makes when she moves it around. She’s able to easily get the teething corners into her mouth and she enjoys the cute little bear face in the middle. Our Chewy Charms and Teething Blankie have saved us a few times during long car rides or while eating at restaurants, really anywhere that Addie starts to get bored and needs to be occupied.

We’ve teamed up with Nuby to give away a Chewy Charms Teether to one of my lucky followers. Head on over to instagram to enter! In the meantime, I have linked everything above so go check it all out.

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