Our Baby Favorites – Bannor Toys

Now that I am back to being all about that baby life, I thought I would share some of my favorite items that I have been loving over the last three months! If you are looking for a toy company that is 100% made in the USA, including small parts, paint and packaging, you will love Bannor Toys! You all know how I love to support small shops and Bannor Toys is a family-run business that has been making quality and safe toys since 2011. Their toys are all made using organic wood, paint and finish, so you can feel confident that you are giving your baby toys that are not full of harmful chemicals.

Addie is just now starting to open her hands and she’s learning to grasp a few of her toys. She has the classic baby rattle, the whale baby rattle and a penguin wooden teether which isn’t in the shop anymore, but this cute bunny teether is and is so perfect for Easter! So far, my very favorite Bannor Toys find has been the bump and baby milestone blocks, which if you follow me on social media, you see these posted at least once a week. These blocks have been so much fun to use for Addie’s weekly and monthly photos. I also love that the Bannor Toys team takes the time to regularly comment on Addie’s milestone photos. When was the last time that Babies R Us or Target noticed how much your baby has grown?!

I consider the bump blocks to be a must-have item that should be on every parent’s registry or wish list. Bannor Toys has been so kind to offer my readers a discount on these awesome blocks! If you purchase between 4/6/17 and 4/9/17, you can take 10% off the bump blocks with the code SARAHTREED. They are also running a great Easter sale through 4/7/17, so really, what are you still doing here?! Go shop!!

And because there is nothing better than a cute baby, here are some of my favorite photos documenting Addie’s milestones with the blocks.

For details on Addie’s outfits, check out my instagram where all shops are always tagged.



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