Essentials For Baby: Binxy Baby

Shopping with kids is hard and shopping with a baby is harder. Anything that makes the experience easier gets two big thumbs up from me! I always struggled with finding the most convenient way to bring my babies grocery shopping with me. I never want to wake a sleeping baby and more often than not, I would get to the store and find the baby asleep in the car seat. Taking the baby out of the car seat to put into a wrap, sling or other baby carrier would wake the baby up. Placing an infant car seat  over the child seat in the front of the shopping cart (like I so often see being done) is unsafe and placing an infant car seat into the cart itself leaves you no room for groceries. The Binxy Baby shopping cart hammock is one of my favorite new baby items that wasn’t around five and six years ago when Ava and Annabelle were babies. The shopping cart hammock stretches across the grocery cart, securely attaches to the sides and leaves plenty of room for groceries below it, so you aren’t losing space in your cart. You can either place the infant car seat inside and hold it in place with the infant carrier safety strap, or you can lay your baby directly into the hammock and use the secure seat harness to strap them in.


Full shopping cart and a happily sleeping baby – what more can you ask for?

Because Addie is still so young, we have only used the Binxy Baby hammock with the infant seat, but once she is a little bigger I think she’ll enjoy laying in the hammock without being stuck inside her car seat. The shopping cart hammock has been so convenient because I’ve been able to do full shopping trips while she stays asleep and I’m not trying to pile items in the cart around her car seat, or worse – trying to maneuver two carts. The hammock holds up to 50 lbs. which means you’re totally covered well beyond the time that your baby can sit in the child seat in front of the shopping cart. It also comes in multiple designs and colors which you should check out here! If you have or are having a baby, I consider this a must-have item that you should for sure include on your registry and if you’ve got a friend who is expecting, this would be an amazing gift. I chose the grey and white triangle pattern which is a simple and gender neutral option.

For adorable customer photos, sales, giveaways and new releases, be sure to follow Binxy Baby on instagram. And of course if you’re not following us, you should be!


Happy shopping with the Binxy Baby shopping cart hammock!





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