Inspirational Nursery Rhymes


Ava reading Get Inspired with Max to Annabelle

Ava has been reading for about a year now and I still feel so proud every time she picks up a book and reads it to me. And when she reads to Annabelle… I swear my heart could explode! The girls received the Inspirational Nursery Rhymes series a few weeks ago and they love them. Ava can read the books all on her own, so they are perfect for her to read to Annabelle. Annabelle enjoys hearing the stories and as a preschooler in the early stages of learning sight words, these books have been great for her to practice with. The rhymes and the illustrations also help her to determine what some of the words are.

While the girls have been enjoying hearing these stories, they have also been learning valuable lessons about gratitude, manners, responsibility, personal inspiration and positive values. Research shows that 95% of our behavioral patterns are established by the age of 6, so instilling these positive lessons into our children before the age of 6 is so important. Simple rhymes like, “After I wake up and hop onto the floor, I always make my bed before I walk out the door” are easy for the girls to memorize and repeat to themselves. My favorite book is Get Inspired With Max which teaches the importance of being yourself, believing in yourself, taking responsibility and having a positive outlook.

Learn more about the science behind Inspirational Nursery Rhymes here. Happy reading!

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