The Most Precious Gift Of All

Once upon a time on a warm summer night in June, a boy gave a girl a diamond ring and asked her to be his wife and to love him for all time. From that night on, the boy and the girl set out on an adventure together. The adventure had its ups and downs, it had good times and tough times, crazy times and quiet times. The adventure was their life. The girl and the boy had started out as two and they were now five. Eight years since that warm summer night in June went by in a blur. Time had offered them so many blessings over the years.

First there were two tiny hands to hold, then four and then six. Time went by and the tiny hands went from holding sippy cups, to crayons, to backpacks full of homework. The years between infant, toddler and preschool seemed so short and the girl and the boy cherished the precious time that they spent together as a family. All of a sudden those first two tiny hands were six years old. And the girl and the boy (who are now a girl and a boy and a girl and a girl and a girl) have lives full of love.

So for the boy who gave me a diamond ring and a life full of love, I have the perfect Valentine’s Day gift! A beautiful timepiece to remind him that I will love him for all time. Something casual enough to be worn everyday, but unique enough to stand out. I chose the Conway Series Kosso & Midnight Blue because I love the contrast of the blue face with the rich color of the wood.

A Jord natural wood watch makes the perfect gift for that someone special in your life. Not only will you receive a stunning and well-crafted timepiece, but the packaging is incredibly beautiful as well. Jord also offers personalized engraving on all of their watches. As a special Valentine’s Day treat to my readers, I have partnered with Jord to give one lucky winner $100 towards a watch of their choice! And all who enter will receive a $25 credit at the end of the giveaway. The giveaway will close on 2/5/2017 at 11:59pm. Click here to enter! Good luck!
So whether you are shopping for someone else, or even yourself, make sure to take a look at these beautiful watches. After all, time is the most precious gift of all.

Watch Gift Ideas

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