Babies Aren’t Easy… But Registering Can Be, With Gugu Guru!

Call me crazy, but creating a registry has always overwhelmed me. With baby number three on the way after a gap of five long years, I needed to be able to put together a list of what we would need (and want) before this newest little girl arrived. Working full time, wife-ing and being a mom of two doesn’t leave me much free time. I was left with two options: either don’t do a registry this time around, or find a way to make it easy.

I came across Gugu Guru on instagram and I am so glad that I did! Gugu Guru takes the stress out of registering by recommending products to you based on your own taste and style. You start out by taking a quiz about your personal style, lifestyle and what types of products you are looking for. Then you receive completely unbiased recommendations for products, broken down by different categories such as “Nursery Decor”, “Micro Fashion”, “Wear All The Babies” and more. One section at a time, you can take a look at the recommendations that are provided to you and decide which products you want to add to your registry. Each item can be labeled “Must Have” or “Nice to Have” and you have the ability to include notes specifying color, size, etc.

What I loved most about creating my Gugu Guru registry was that I had the ability to add products from all different kinds of shops and wasn’t tied down to only having to pick from what the typical big box stores carry. Supporting small business is important to me and so many of the recommendations that came up for me were from small shops that I love to shop with! I also really enjoyed the recommendations for newer products that weren’t around when the girls were babies. I was introduced to some great new brands and products that I am excited to try!

Here are a few of my top registry picks:

Bitta Kidda BittaSack – I’m having a winter baby, so swaddles and sleep sacks were at the top of my list since having blankets in with the baby isn’t a safe option. The BittaSack is a cozy blanket sleep sack with two soft lovies attached at the chest area, so they are always within baby’s reach. Perfect for comfort and self-soothing! I chose the adorable pink circle print. (Use code sarahtreed25 and save 25% off of your order!)

Boobie Bar – Nursing is important to me. I’ve spent three years of my life nursing so far and plan on adding another two to that. Just one Boobie Bar a day gives you a daily dose of milk-boosting herbs. Being able to boost my breastmilk supply with a delicious bar sounds so much better to me than taking multiple vitamins or brewing cups of tea all day! (Use code sarahtreed20 and save 20% off of your order!)

The Solly Baby Wrap – I’ve always been better with baby wearing than stroller pushing and these wraps are not only beautiful, but are so soft and light-weight. They even have videos on their site giving tips for nursing in your wrap and showing different carries as your baby grows.

Anything and everything from Finn and Emma – I just love this shop! From toys to clothes, everything is fair trade, G.O.T.S. certified organic, non-toxic and eco-friendly. The lamb lovie/rattle and convertible gown pictured below are both from Finn and Emma and I’ve got more cute stuff that you’ll see if you follow me on instagram.

Check out Gugu Guru and see what else made my list by viewing my entire registry here.


Featured Brands: Bitta Kidda, Boobie Bar, Finn and Emma, Slumberkins, NuRoo, Solly Baby and Natursutten.

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