Shops We Love: Kate&jAMES

It’s no secret that we are a t shirt lovin’ bunch. The kids love them because they are comfy and perfect for play. I love them because I can dress them up, dress them down, get one size for both girls and in my opinion, you can never have too many! Kate&jAMES is a new shop that I first connected with through instagram and they design… you guessed it – t shirts! And super cute ones at that. I had the opportunity to talk to Jayme, who is one half of Kate&jAMES, and I’m bringing you the inside scoop on how the shop started, what has inspired their designs, whether or not they sleep and more!

Who are the ladies behind Kate&jAMES Shop? Tell us about the two of you! How long have you known each other? What made you decide to launch this shop together?

Katie and I (Jayme) have known each other for over 20 years. The concept of Kate&jAMES came together around the beginning of 2014 and we’ve been working hard to keep it creative, stylish and fun. I call Katie, Kate, and she calls me James, so that’s how we came up with Kate&jAMES. I have a daughter, Lola (6) and a son Wyatt (3). Katie recently tied the knot and has some awesome nieces and nephews which are her inspiration for the line as well. 
Your shop is still brand new! How long was this in the works before you launched?

We launched the first week of June and have had some success right out of the gate with getting our tees on some of the most stylish IG babes. It was about 6 months in the works before we launched. 
What has been your most popular tee design to date?

Our most popular Tee to date is our Lemons make Lemonade Tee. : )

Lemons Make Lemonade - PR approved!

lemons make lemonade – PR approved!

How has becoming entrepreneurs changed you over the past few months?

It’s really hard to find a good balance. Katie and I have so many ideas and concepts we want to get out there but we are still really new and fresh to this game so it’s been hard to stay focused on keeping it small in hopes that we are able to grow over the next couple of months. 
Do you ever have time to sleep?

Sleep, ha, we wish! 
When it’s time to unplug and relax, what are you most likely doing? Where would we find you?

Playing with our families. Our families are HUGE for us. They are the most important thing to us both and any second of downtime is spent with them. 
What has inspired you along the way, from deciding to start your shop to coming up with new designs?

We are constantly inspired by all the other mommas on IG that are getting their brands out there. We are so amazed by the talent we come across on a daily basis. We are HUGE supporters of other IG brands and hope that someday our brand can be as well received as our favorites. : ) 
What kind of secrets can you let us in on when it comes to upcoming new designs and releases?

We are introducing long sleeves for fall! We just launched our BRING BACK SUMMER design, which has been liked so far! We have one more design coming soon, a Northwest inspired theme… But some of our goodies will be rerun on long sleeves.

I was super excited to get my hands on their gold on gray ello love tee! I had so many visions in my head on how I would style it.

LB in ello love

LB in ello love

So head over to their shop and check out all the cuteness! Most of their designs are completely unisex. Right now you’ll find t shirts, onesies and the bring back summer raglan that Jayme mentioned! And if you’re not familiar with American Apparel sizing, I’d recommend sizing up one size. For reference, PR and LB are both wearing size 4 in my photos.




As always, I recommend following them on instagram and facebook as well as pintrest for fun giveaways and to be the first to know about sales as well as new designs and releases!

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