Shops We Love: Little Big Dreamers

As you can probably tell by now, we love to support small businesses and handmade shops. Little Big Dreamers is another shop that we love and that we know you will love too! I connected with Keri, the mama responsible for this amazing shop, a little over a month ago on instagram. It all started with a flamingo. And who doesn’t love a good flamingo?

LB wearing the "Miami Vice" organic knot turban.

LB wearing the “Miami Vice” organic knot turban.

Another look at those flamingos!

Another look at those flamingos!

When I saw her flamingo print headwrap, I had to have it. I purchased it from her Etsy shop where I learned that we live under two hours from each other. Small world! Shortly after that, PR and LB became brand reps for her shop and the rest is history!

PR wearing the "Ants Marching" hair wrap.

PR wearing the “Ants Marching” hair wrap.

Keri and I email or talk on instagram almost every day, but I was able to ask her some questions so that I could share the inside scoop with all of you. From Friends, to infinity scarves, to her two beautiful daughters, to her amazing SMA awareness program, I have it all for you. Plus some inside info on what we will be seeing from her shop this Fall/Winter season. Let’s see what goes on behind the scenes at Little Big Dreamers:

When did Little Big Dreamers launch and how long was it in the making before the dream became a reality?

I launched on Etsy on February 2 – it took about 2 weeks to get the shop up and running. Having a small shop online is 24/7. I worked all day, every day to have it look perfect. I then launched my web site on July 16 and that was one of the most difficult and time consuming things, ever! But so very worth it.

Have you always been interested in fashion? What do you feel most inspires you?

I have. I just didn’t really know it. Haha! Growing up in NY, I ALWAYS dreamed of living in Manhattan, so 2 months after I graduated, 2 girlfriends and I headed up (I mean up) to the East side. I worked for a private label denim company at first and shortly after that went to Ralph Lauren. My girls inspire me. Not necessarily in my business, but in life. That’s why I am working so hard at this. To show them that hard work DOES pay off and that nothing comes easy.

Tell us about your girls. Do they get along well? What are their favorite things to do?

My girls are my life, my everything. I really don’t know who I was before I had them. I have grown as a person, a parent, a daughter. They teach me everything! Teagan is shy, and can come off a bit standoffish at first but she has a heart of gold and loves to snuggle with me. Scarlett is a spit fire. No fear and loves her mama! She hears anything that makes sound, including the vacuum, she dances! We have frequent dance parties and make up shows. I don’t know who enjoys it more, them or me? They love each other to pieces and I am thrilled that they have each other. I have 3 sisters and 2 brothers and I am not sure if I would survive life without them.

How do you juggle running a business which has you designing, sewing, packing and mailing on repeat, with running a house and being a mom of two?

I don’t! Haha! It’s very difficult. Very. I’m tired. I work only at night because I am home with my girls. I barely see my husband, and I have started to give myself Saturday nights off because the PO isn’t open on Sundays and it helps me mellow down. My husband is amazing and is my other half. He honestly helps out a TON. My MOM too, she is a huge help. Without them I would be lost.

When you’re not working or watching the girls, where are you most likely to be found?

TARGET-as we would call it, the red store. Or NY-with my family who I miss so much

Tell us about your Buy One Give Some program. The support that you give to Nella and her family is so amazing!

Oh Nella. Her story first spoke to me this winter as I was working through some health issues with Scarlett. Scarlett suffered a number of months with un diagnosed health issues and underwent a number of tests, blood, MRIs, etc. During this all, SMA was brought up by a few doctors and after doing some research and obviously spending SO MUCH TIME on IG, I found Grace, Nella and Bowens mom, and fell in love. Nella’s smile is so bright and contagious, it’s hard not wanting to help. The Buy One Give Some is a small way to raise awareness to a disease that is not spoken of very much, but can be so harmful to so many who don’t know it. Since Scarlett is now doing so well, I just felt compelled to help a family that was going through this. I feel that if I can use my shop as a platform to help raise awareness any way I can, I will.

What can we look forward to in your fall line?

Black and white meets a BIG splash of color-neon. And pandas of course. Haha! I am also bringing leggings in!

What else should we know about you?

Hmmmm, my favorite show is Friends. I own all 10 seasons. I have 2 masters in special education. I am a coffee maniac-cannot live without it. I love black and white. pretty much live in it. I am a scarf hog. I wear one every single day the second it gets chilly. Infinity in every style and color. That’s how I add color-BTW, my mom makes the best infinity scarves that you may or may not see hitting the shop asap….wink wink!

LB wearing the "Lily Grace" hair wrap.

LB wearing the “Lily Grace” hair wrap.

I love Keri’s unique and fun take on fashion for kids. Her cray cray design is truly one of a kind! I know that my kids are cray cray and they drive me a little cray cray, so of course we want to wear cray cray on our shirt! LBD’s Fall/Winter line has this cray cray design on two-tone raglans and pullovers for both boys and girls. Plus the mamas can grab a tank or tee to match with their mini!

Ava wearing a cray cray tank in her favorite color!

Ava wearing the cray cray tank in her favorite color!

And who doesn’t love lemonade and ice cream, especially in the summer?!

Lemonade Stand organic knot turban.

Lemonade Stand organic knot turban.

Smile (Scream) For Ice Cream organic knot turban.

Smile (Scream) For Ice Cream organic knot turban.

So if you haven’t already, head on over to Keri’s shop and check out all of her new goodies! She’s even offering 15% off right now with the code fallmania. And as always, to be the first to know about new styles, sales and giveaways, follow Little Big Dreamers on instagram. Take a minute to say hi and tell her she’s awesome. I’d even say she’s awesome-tastic

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