Shops We Love: Positively Oakes

We recently had the opportunity to collaborate with a shop that was new to us – Positively Oakes. Since we love to support handmade shops, this was a perfect match! Positively Oakes was founded by Jessica Oakes in late 2013 and began as an etsy shop. Her shop was so successful that after just five months, Jessica was able to make her small business into a full-time career that is growing every single day. Jessica grew up sewing and creating, taught by her grandmother who had a passion for crafting and fashion. Her shop is full of modern clothes and accessories for today’s little ones, with a focus on being fashionable, functional and comfortable.

Jessica and her team sent the girls two headbands and we love them! It was a total surprise what we would get, but she could not have done a more perfect job for the girls! We received the ocean and sand top knot headband, which PR classified as “bluish-green”, her very most favorite color and the coral striped sailor’s knot headband which LB immediately claimed as hers because she loves pink. The headbands are made of the softest knit fabric and are nice and stretchy. I love the vibrant striped fabrics that she chose for us! They stayed on perfectly all day and were very comfortable for the girls. We typically make it out of the house fully accessorized, but they tend to have removed something by the time we reach our first destination. These headbands were left in place for all of the day’s adventures and the girls didn’t seem to notice that they were there.

Enjoying a couple of donuts in the park, wearing their new headbands.

Enjoying a couple of donuts in the park, wearing their new headbands.

Positively Oakes will be launching their Fall line on August 15th and there are some sneak peeks over on Pinterest! You can find lots of super adorable shorts, leggings, tops and more for girls as well as a ton of cute onesies plus leggings and bowties for boys in their Summer collection that is in the shop now. And not to mention the huge selection of headbands. Seriously, every color or pattern that you could ever want is there waiting for you to hop on over and grab it!

PR looking sweet as ever in her ocean & sand top knot headband.

PR looking sweet as ever in her ocean & sand top knot headband.

Be sure to follow Positively Oakes on their Blog for previews, sales and fun giveaways. And stop on over to show them some love on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter. Tell them I sent you! Don’t forget to head over to the shop on August 15th to check out what’s new for Fall! We’re positive that you’ll love Positively Oakes just as much as we do!

These headbands were the perfect match for these adorable outfits!

These headbands were the perfect match for their adorable outfits!

Full outfit details: tanks from Kid + Kind, donut shorts and twirl skirt from Little Bow and Arrow, moccs from Freshly Picked and PR’s fabulous bag is from raine+skye.

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