Why We Shop Small: Looks We Love

This summer I am all about shorties and floral everything! These bloomer-style shorts work great for us because can I buy them in one size and they fit both girls – bonus!! PR and AB are about two sizes apart from each other, but with the elastic waist and loose fit they can share these! This has been one of my favorite looks so far this summer. 


These t-shirts are from Little Boogaweezin and they say, “dear big me, i can’t wait to see who i become one day. -the little me” They are super adorable and oh so soft and comfy! We paired them with some floral Rhinestones and Tutus shorties and these beautiful flower crowns which are also from Rhinestones and Tutus. We finished off the look with their most favorite and comfortable shoes – Freshly Picked moccs. Pictured here are Aruba (left) and Radiant Orchid (right).

Here is this look in action:





This was a fun and comfortable look perfect for play on a hot summer day! Be sure to follow all of these shops on Instagram for fun giveaways, sales and new releases!

Little Boogaweezin – @littleboogaweezin

Rhinestones and Tutus – @rhinestonesandtutus

Freshly Picked – @freshlypicked

And us – @sarahtreed

Don’t forget to follow along with the hashtag #PRandLBstyle!

What is your favorite trend this summer? Let me know in the comments below!

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