Science According to PR

PR and I were holding hands as usual while I was singing The Rainbow Connection to her tonight. Then we got to talking and it went something like this…

PR: “Where’s your ring hand, Mama?”

Me: “You’re holding it, silly!”

PR: “Oh yeah, here it is. Did Daddy give you this ring at the wedding?”

Me: “Yes. And this one he gave me before the wedding, when we got engaged.”

PR: “When you got engaged? Because he loves you?”

Me: “Yes. Because he loves me.”

PR: “And where did I come from?”

Me: “You came out of my tummy.”

PR: “And where did you come from?”

Me: “I came out of my mom’s tummy.”

PR: “And no boys can get babies in their tummies?”

Me: “Nope, boys can’t make babies in their tummies.”

PR: “But why?”

Me: “They don’t have the right parts inside to grow a baby.”

PR: “Because their tummies are full of hair?”

Me: *laughing* “What?”

PR: “Daddy has long hairs on his belly. That means that it’s all full of hair inside and no babies can go in there.”

Me: “Yup. Makes sense. Ok, good night! I love you!”

Processed with VSCOcam with n3 preset

She’ll be a fashionable scientist. That’s for sure.

4 thoughts on “Science According to PR

  1. sooo adorable, yesterday i was talking to my 4 year old dominik and looking at pictures when we came across some where i was pregnant. i said thats when you were in my belly, and he said and dj was in your belly to, and donnie, and daddy, i said no daddy was never in my belly, and he just looked at me confused like why not.

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