That Time We Remembered We Had A Second Baby

This is for all the moms out there who are suffering from the mom guilt. We all have it. So whether your house hasn’t been cleaned since there was snow on the ground, you gave in and let your toddler eat goldfish and a cookie for breakfast, you don’t have your kid signed up for dance class, swimming lessons, or t-ball because you just don’t have the time, you turned down a play date because you really wanted to stay home and catch up on your DVR-watching while your kids napped, or you actually can’t remember the last time that you washed your bra, know this: you are not alone. Good moms everywhere are beating themselves up for all kinds of things. I mean, it took me over two years to fully prepare for baby number two!

I’m going to be honest. I was not ready to have a second baby. I’m not even completely sure that I was finished being ready for the first baby by the time that the second baby was on her way. I’m not talking about being emotionally ready or anything like that. I mean literally ready. As in you have a room, a crib, diapers, clothes… that kind of thing. When I found out I was pregnant, it completely took me by surprise. I didn’t have a baby shower because I’d just had a baby, so we pretty much had the basics. Baby PR had slept in my room with me in a pack and play for her first fourteen months, so I was in no hurry to buy a crib for the new baby. And by “in no hurry”, I mean that we just bought it three weeks ago.

LB has a bedroom, but her bedroom is where I keep my clothes. I don’t like sharing a closet with OB. Because of… reasons. Does that really even need an explanation? Anyhow, when we moved in I told him to take the closet in our bedroom all to himself and I turned the smallest bedroom into my own personal walk-in. But once LB was on the way, that smallest bedroom was the only one left that wasn’t on the lower level which meant that my clothes and shoes would need to be relocated. What a nightmare! But I didn’t exactly make way for baby right away. I figured I’d have some time before she needed her own space. Then one day when she was around eight months old and I hadn’t slept through the night in over two years, I went across the hall, moved some shoes and purses, cleared a pack and play-sized spot out of the middle and wheeled her bed right in there. I was desperate and thought that maybe she’d sleep better without me in the room with her, but still surrounded by my stylish wardrobe. It only took a year and a half to work, but that is beside the point.

Life went on. I remember thinking around her first birthday that we should probably be getting her a crib. I also recall around her second birthday thinking that we should probably be getting her a crib. A few weeks ago, OB mentioned that we should probably be getting her a crib. So we ordered one. And now here we are, two years and four months after most people would have set up their baby’s crib; we finally got our act together and did it. It feels good to finally be ready for baby number two! Although I probably should make some sort of plan to get my clothes out of there at some point. I’ll wait until tomorrow to start feeling guilty about that.

Sorry second baby!

Sorry second baby!

6 thoughts on “That Time We Remembered We Had A Second Baby

    • I do love that they are close in age! I guess some aspects are harder and some are easier than having a bigger gap in between. Either way, I wouldn’t change it! I just hope that LB doesn’t remember that she’s been neglected for so long haha!!

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