Buying A Baby Is Expensive

PR and I had a nice little conversation last night after her bath. Here’s how it went:

PR: “LB’s not a big girl yet because she doesn’t wear big girl underwear. She’s still a baby.”

Me: “She’s not as big as you, but she’s not a baby anymore.”

PR: “Wouldn’t it be so cute and fun if we had a baby here?”

Me: “You think so? You want another baby around?”

PR: “Yes! I do. Maybe we can have Baby Payton from daycare.”

Me: “Baby Payton already has her own family. If we had a baby it would be our own.”

PR: “Our own baby?”

Me: “Yes, but I don’t think we will have any more babies.”

PR: “No more babies?”

Me: “I don’t think so. Babies are a lot of work, plus they are expensive.”

PR: “Why, because buying a baby is expensive?”


From the mouths of babes...

From the mouths of babes…



8 thoughts on “Buying A Baby Is Expensive

  1. so adorable.Thanks for sharing.
    I have been iinspired by bloggers like you to share my heart. I blog about my struggle with Huntington;s disease. I would be honored if you would folllow my journey.

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