Six Months of Twos and Threes: A Retrospective

Wow! Six months ago I woke up and decided I’d start this blog. Well I actually formulated the plan and title in my head as I was falling asleep the night before. If you are wondering about the meaning of the title, this post will explain it to you! Ever since PR was born, I’d had thoughts about starting a blog or maybe even writing a book, but never felt like I had time to do it. Until one day I did!

Thank you so much to everyone who has been reading along, whether this is the first post that you are reading, or if you have read all of them since day one. I am so grateful to every single one of you and I hope that you are able to laugh, relate, or reminisce when you are reading my stories. I have enjoyed sharing a little peek into my life as a working mom, wife and lover of Bravo Housewives, Sex and the City, pajama jeans and craft fairs.

We’ve been through a lot over the past six months. Let’s recap to make sure everyone has been paying attention! I’ve destroyed a pot roast. But because I would never let a cheap cut of meat get the best of me, I totally dominated the next one! I barely survived a snowstorm, thanks to my husband who we know as the Original Boo. I somehow managed to power-watch The Walking Dead in a two week time span and survived on even less sleep that I usually get. We talked about how I don’t like mornings, but I do love Jewel and a good grocery shopping date.

We’ve had some holiday-themed ups and downs. There was the time that we robbed IHOP (well not really), the time that Hello Kitty saved my kids from getting their Santa pictures taken, the time that Hello Kitty didn’t save the kids from getting their Santa pictures taken, the time I wrote a poem and the time that my kids didn’t want to open their Christmas presents.

I’ve struggled with letting go of my baby and recognizing that she’s two now and she’s a big girl. I parted ways with my trusty pump that I’d spent countless hours with, came to the end of the nursing road with LB and then took her bottles away.

My grocery shopping extravaganzas are in a category all their own! There was the time that LB puked on herself just as we walked in the door, the time that PR decided that she didn’t want to come and LB and I had to brave the aisles alone and the time we solved the mystery of peaceful grocery shopping with toddlers all thanks to a “Congratulations” balloon.

PR has figured out how to outsmart me, but not how to convince me that she should have a haircut. She makes a valid argument about why she shouldn’t have to go to bed, yet can’t seem to tell me what she had for lunch. But no matter what, she always manages to make me laugh!

We’ve taken a few walks down memory lane together. We had a throwback to a long-ago Valentine’s Day about ten years ago when I almost sat on a rose. Then we remembered the time that I got engaged, even though I may never have said yes. There was the time that I found out I was pregnant, followed by another time that I found out I was pregnant. And if you know anything about biology, then it would only make sense that there would be a post about a time that I went into labor.

Over these past six months, I’ve given some pretty solid advice, if you ask me. I’ve exposed some commonly told lies about being pregnant and having kids and provided you with the dirty, ugly truth. I’ve been open and honest about the fact that I sometimes don’t even follow my own parenting rules. This quite possibly could be contributing to my child becoming a kicker or kickee of cats. We still don’t know what really happened with that. I’m leaning towards the cat having kicked her. (Just sayin’.) Or maybe… just maybe… it’s not because I don’t follow my own rules, but her sneaky, devilish side just might have been passed down from me (Gasp!).

I’ve managed to juggle all of this while still going to work every day because I continue to struggle to find a reasonable reason to call out sick. When I’m at work, I’m mostly fielding calls about things like accidentally-on purpose-left-behind wives, continental breakfasts and wild bunnies. But I also get to put together amazing fundraisers and get out and volunteer every once in a while.

I’ve so enjoyed having my friends read along and laugh with me (so we don’t all end up crying). And I’ve connected with a lot of other great people that I would never have come into contact with before, who have followed me on here, Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. I love reading your comments and hearing similar stories that are going on in your lives! So here’s to another six months and hopefully longer! Stick around, I promise to make you laugh, keep you entertained and like always, keep it real!

I love you all!!! xoxoxoxoxoxo

In the spirit of 6 months ~ PR on the day she turned 6 months old!

In the spirit of 6 months ~ PR on the day she turned 6 months old!

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