Five Questions That I Ask The Universe As I’m Falling Asleep At Night

Why is it that whether I put my kids to bed at 7:30 or at 10:00, they still wake up at the same time? I should be able to put my kids to bed at 10:00 on a Friday and have them sleep until at least noon on Saturday, right?

Wrong. Because kids know that we grow weaker with every hour of sleep that we lose. This weakness allows them to wear us down more quickly when they want to have fruit snacks for breakfast of watch Frozen for the 13th time in just over a week.

What is the right way to have the toilet paper on the holder? Over or under? Because OB and I disagree.

I do have an opinion on the proper orientation of the TP. But at this point, let’s be honest, I’m just glad that it’s on the holder at all and not on the side of the sink or back of the toilet. Or in a whole different room… or still at the store…

Why does my daughter burst into tears in the middle of dinner, seemingly for no reason?

Because she was eating her sandwich and the last bite that she took made it into a shape that she did not like. Nuff said.

Why do my kids only want to watch the same movie over and over, just one movie at a time?

It took me a while to figure this one out, but I finally did! They want to watch one movie at a time so that they can concentrate on learning every single word. Then when we put them to bed, they sit in their beds whispering scenes and songs from the current movie of choice to themselves while OB and I have our ears pressed to the monitors, silently laughing and thinking how cute and smart these girls are. Tonight PR did about 20 minutes worth of Frozen, word for word, until we had to tell her it was really time to settle down and go to sleep. Ahhhhhhhmazing!

Why does my daughter burst into tears in the middle of our ride to daycare, seemingly for no reason?

This is really a wildcard because it could be anything. Today it was because she suddenly noticed her shoes and they were gold and not pink.

Why are they so cute?

Why are they so cute?

 What burning questions haunt your mind as you try to fall asleep at night? I’d love to hear them!

16 thoughts on “Five Questions That I Ask The Universe As I’m Falling Asleep At Night

  1. I am with you on #1 for sure. Boggles my mind! LOL As for the movies, I actually like to watch the same movie several times so most of the time that works for me unless it’s one I really don’t like and then it gets “lost”. Sadly, none of these are the burning questions that keep my up at night.

  2. V true! Today it is “Where did she hide her Teddy earlier?” Three adults spend an hour trying to find it at bedtime and couldn’t but she went downstairs and found it instantly. She insists it was lying in the middle of the study floor but I can’t believe we all walked past it… Mystery!

    • It’s hard to fall asleep thinking of anything dark and morbid when you’ve been watching Tangled every day for two years. You should watch it!

  3. My sister’s husband only married her because they agreed on the way the toilet paper should go. And the waking up at the same time no matter what thing? That’s one thing that enrages me the more I think about it. ESPECIALLY when random people, after a later-than-usual night, say “at least they’ll sleep longer, right!?” WROOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOONG!

    • So which way to your sister and her man put the TP???

      It enrages me too because not only do they not sleep later, sometimes they even wake up EARLIER! What the what???!!!

      • I KNOW!! It’s the worst. And I don’t even have the type of kids that pass out wherever they feel like. Never have…not even in the car!
        They do TP over the top. Their reasoning: you don’t have to work that hard to find the end of it.

      • Ok, phew! Over the top is CORRECT!

        My kids are the same. They don’t fall asleep anywhere! Barely even in their beds and definitely not in the car. When I see people post pics of their kids sleeping in the bath or in their dinner plate, I assume that they have drugged them.

    • See the thing about that last one… I distracted her with fruit snacks and put a blanket over her feet while I slipped the gold shoes on. She ONLY wants to wear her pink ones everyday and the gold just matched better. She just happened to see her feet for the first time when she was in her carseat. Maybe I’m a bad mom, maybe I’m just style concious. Who can say?

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