The Alien Abduction

So about two weeks ago, PR was abducted by aliens, but {spoiler alert} they have returned her and all is well.

Have I mentioned before that mornings just do not go well for me? In case you don’t know, they do not. Not at all. I know how lucky I am that my girls are not early risers like so many kids can be. Thankfully they like to sleep until anywhere from 8am-10am. This is great on the weekends, but on weekdays it’s terrible because I hate having to wake them. They are like tiny, grumpy teenagers. They both do the exact same thing; I walk into their bedrooms and try to wake them gently, but they curl up and burrow themselves deeper into the covers. As they burrow, they start to get angry because their hair gets all in their face and they despise that. They look all rumpled and cute with their rosy sleep cheeks and heavy eyelids and then they tell me to go away. They don’t want to get up, they are too tired and they don’t want to have to go anywhere. They are also mad that Daddy isn’t home and want to know why he didn’t give them a hug and kiss before he left for work. I then have to uncover them and pull them out of bed; this is when the crying starts.

So before all this chaos begins every morning, picture me sitting in my kitchen, brewing my second cup of coffee, browsing Instagram and then casually realizing that I should have left for work already. I should probably go ahead and wake up the girls now. See, OB just bought us a Keurig and it is so tempting to sit in the quiet house making up for years of missing out on caffeine. This does not, however, help me get out the door and into work on time. Everything is so still and peaceful and then I walk into their bedrooms… and all hell breaks loose. They don’t want to get out of bed and they certainly don’t want to get dressed or brush their teeth. PR is in a phase where she needs to pick out her outfit all by herself. Every aspect from underwear and socks, to her shirt or dress, pants, accessories, hair style. All of it. And she will fa-reak out if I tell her that what she picked out doesn’t match or if I try to persuade her to wear something else. And then there’s LB. She on the other hand does not want to pick out her outfit. Nope. Because she’s already wearing what she wants to wear for the day. That’s right, every morning I have to pry her out of her jammies because she believes that she should wear them to daycare. Especially her Curious George ones. Have you ever tried to straighten out a 2 year old’s locked and tucked elbow so that you can get a shirt on or off of it? No? Well, it’s not easy.

Usually if I ask the girls to do anything that could be considered helpful in my cause of trying to get out of the house, I get responses like this:


“Not right now, Mama!”

“Mommmmmmmmmmmmmmm! I’m watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.”

“But I’m busy!”

“One minute, I’m playing right now.”

“No, we don’t want to go to daycare today; we want to stay home with you.”

“Why? I’m lying down right now because I’m so tired.”

“But I want to paint! You didn’t get my paints out for me!”

“I’m too cold. You need to make me something warm to eat.”

On this magical morning when PR had been abducted by aliens, I was getting dressed and called to her, asking her if she could please get her coat and shoes on. “Of course I can, Mama!” And then she actually did it. Like right then and there. With puzzled amazement, I asked her to help LB get her coat and shoes on. “OK!” I was on a roll! As I got my purse and keys together, I asked her to pack her blanket in her bag and she did that too! No whining, no questioning, no fussing. It was that very moment when I realized that she must have been abducted by aliens while we were all sleeping. Unfortunately it was now past the time that I needed to be at work, let alone leave for work and we still hadn’t even made it out the door, so there wasn’t much I could do about it right then and there. I shrugged and herded them down the stairs and into the car.

I wondered a few times throughout the day how I would get my daughter back and figured I might find some clues if I watched the Discovery Channel or maybe Ancient Aliens. It turned out that I didn’t have to do anything special because by the next morning, the original PR had been returned and she was back to her old self. Phew!

She didn't get any less cute after her abduction.

She didn’t get any less cute after her abduction.

 {PR’s top, leggings and turban are from Rhinestones and Tutus and her boots are from Carter’s}

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