Sippy Cups, Lemonade and M&Ms

Poor Little Boo really had her world turned upside down yesterday. She had a doctor’s appointment to check up on her weight because she’s so darn skinny and that sneaky doctor managed to get me to tell her that LB was still drinking her almond milk out of a bottle. She drinks everything else out of a sippy cup and really loves her milk in a bottle, so I hadn’t been able to bring myself to take it away from her yet. We just stopped nursing three months ago. Baby steps!

According to the doctor, LB drinks too much milk because she gets comfortable with the bottle and it fills her up which makes her not want to eat the food that we serve her at mealtime and now she is considered underweight. I tried explaining to the doctor that she is really stubborn and that I have had a hard time getting her to drink her milk out of a sippy cup.

Her response: “Who’s taller, Mom?”

Me: “Say wha?”

Mean Dr: “Who’s taller?”

Me: “Uhhhhhhhhhhhhh, me?”

She gave me a few instructions and suggestions on how to add extra calories to LB’s meals and snacks and then referred us to a pediatric dietician, but not until after she reminded me more than once that the bottle was to be no more. I decided that we’d stop at CVS on our way home so that LB could pick out a special sippy cup for her milk. Maybe that would help to make the transition easier. We talked it over in the car on the way there and some tears were shed. LB kept telling me that she needed her bottle and I’d say that she couldn’t have it, to which she’d respond, “That not fair!” PR seemed to think that this whole situation was great because she has really been on the LB-is-a-big-girl train lately. She feels that LB should not have a bottle, binky, or even diapers anymore.

We arrived at CVS and were intercepted by a display of Beanie Babies at the end of the baby aisle. They each wanted one and I told them that they could pick one, but I’d only buy them if LB cooperated and picked out a sippy cup that she would agree to drink her milk out of. I lined up all of the viable sippy cup choices and asked LB 6,000 different ways which one she would be willing to take for an almond milk spin. As luck would have it, they have the bottles right next to the sippy cups, so she just kept picking up different bottles and telling me she’d be ok with them. I’d redirect her to the sippy cup section and she’d point to them and say, “That for juice!” I had to remind her that she couldn’t get her pink owl Beanie Baby if she didn’t pick out a cup, so she threw that owl right on the ground. After no less than 20 minutes of LB refusing every cup that I tried to sell her on and PR picking up every can of formula and bottle of Pediasure to ask me what they were and if we could buy them, I decided to give up. Just then, LB turned to me and said, “Ok, I get this cup.”, pointing to the one sippy cup that I hadn’t been trying to convince her to get because we already had a bunch at home since they are what PR uses for her milk. Of course that’s what she wanted. Fine. A girl can only take so much stress at CVS. If I’m going to spend 20 minutes in one aisle there, I should be alone pondering nail polish colors.

I remained strong throughout the rest of the day and night and didn’t give her bottle to her even though she only drank a few sips out of her new cup every time I tried to give it to her. She’s used to drinking a 5 oz. bottle every night before bed and I had a feeling that she might not sleep very well without it. I was right. She woke up crying after a few hours and I went in to comfort her.

“What’s wrong, LB?”

“I want my bottle.”

“I know, but you can’t have a bottle. The doctor said that you can’t have it anymore. Is there something else that you need?”

“Yeah, lemonade and M&Ms.” [Perfectly reasonable midnight request]

“Well, I’m really sorry, but you can’t have that in the middle of the night either.”

Our conversation continued and we talked about how hard it can be to get bigger and to grow up and make changes. I let her know that I knew that she was upset and that it was ok to be upset. I said that it would get easier and that she probably wouldn’t even miss her bottle anymore by next week. She went back to bed and was crying again 15 minutes later. Then she asked for some almond milk in her new cup and even though I knew she shouldn’t drink milk in the middle of the night, I got it for her and she had a few sips. I sang to her until she agreed to get back into her bed and then she was fine for the rest of the night.

She’s been doing alright today, but still not drinking her milk. I told you she was stubborn! We’ll see how tonight goes. She’ll probably wake up asking for a cup of coffee and some skittles. Wish us luck!

No more bottles? Are you kitten me right meow?

No more bottles? Are you kitten me right meow?


{LB’s pullover is from Little Bow and Arrow, leggings from House of Mia and platinum moccs from Freshly Picked}

20 thoughts on “Sippy Cups, Lemonade and M&Ms

    • She turned 2 in Dec. I had my older daughter off the bottle around 18 mos, but I put it off way too long this time. Once she’s used to having her milk in the sippy cup, I then have to take away the binky. Ahhhhhhh!!

      • my 4 year old son did not give up his bottleuntil he was three, the doctors kept saying just dont give it to him, but after a visit to the emergency room from dehydration i didnt care what he used as long as he was getting fluids. it was terrible he refused to use anything else and would even stop eating. the doctors were fine with him going a few days with nothing to eat or drink but i wasnt .

  1. I totally agree with you! I was able to get her to have some juice and water throughout the day today and she had a few ounces of milk before bed. If she came to the point of being dehydrated, I’d give in to the bottle too!

  2. That shirt is beyond adorable! I remember how difficult it was to get Archer off the bottle. Nolan was easy, Archer was torture. He usually is torture though lol. I finally got him off at 2 years and 2 months. Such a challenge!

    • Thanks! I love the shirt too!!
      LB is 2 years and 3 mos so it is definitely time! I think that letting her have it this long has probably made things harder for me. I should have taken it before she could tell me no!! Haha! She’s super stubborn. I’m hoping that she will start to give in soon. Thankfully she’s drinking juice and water, but she’s really not drinking the milk yet at all.

  3. This sounds so tough! But you’re holding strong. Totally nodded in solidarity about spending 20 minutes pondering nail polish colors and then laughed aloud at her midnight request. That’s a brilliantly delicious combination of tastes right there. I kind of want some of both.

    • I seriously spent at least 15 minutes the other day picking out Essie polishes for this elaborate ombre of purple mani I had planned. Then I bought none of them becuase I am an OPI girl and wasn’t sure if I’d like Essie! That is certified crazy person right there.

      The stuff that she comes up with is just too funny. We’ve been working on the potty lately and when she goes, we give her an M&M… hence the request. Those aren’t in her normal diet, but maybe they should be so she can gain weight and the Dr can get off my back! Tomorrow is day 4 of the dreaded sippy. Hopefully LB starts to crack. Who knows.

      • Oh yes, the M&M bribery. I know this well, as the favorite aunt.

        Good luck on Day 4! Stay strong! Remember that as with all other roadblocks it’s going to eventually tumble over and be a thing of the past. Just focus on that whilst battling pediatrician-induced-guilt-over-pretend-malnourishment.

      • She’s playing me! According to her daycare provider, she’s drinking her milk out of the sippy cup at her house just fine. I’m going to have to start witholding M&Ms…

      • I’m slowly realizing that I’m raising a mini… ME!!! Yikes.

        Well, I’m catfishing with a made up story about it anyway.

  4. You have cat to be kitten me right meow, mom. I love it when kids go protester limp, that was a great stairs shot. Plus, she’s on track for the college years with snack requests like that. Fist pump to the littlest one. And way to stick to your guns-but please tell me, once she put the bug in your ear for lemonade and M&Ms, you said no, fled to the kitchen, and housed a bag for yourself. Yes? I hope so…

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