One of us isn’t ready for a haircut

RapunzelPrincess Rapunzel. I call her that because she is obsessed with Rapunzel. She loves everything about Rapunzel and actually wants to be her. She even wears her Rapunzel dress once a week and would wear it more if I let her. She loves her long hair and I have to admit, I do too. I cannot confirm or deny if my nightly pregnancy prayers were for a healthy baby, a safe delivery and a baby with hair. Maybe I did… Maybe I didn’t… But if I had, my prayers were answered. She was born with hair and it has grown quite a bit in her 3 1/2 years. I’ve talked with her about getting a haircut for a while now and her answer has always been a definitive “no”. After all, if you’ve seen Tangled, you know that when Rapunzel’s hair gets cut, it turns brown and doesn’t grow anymore. That is not something that she wants any part of.

Well something changed. One of her friends from daycare got a haircut and then this happened this morning:

Me: “Good morning, Princess Rapunzel! I missed you while you were sleeping!”

PR: “I missed you too, Mama! Where are we going today?”

Me: “We’re going to daycare. Mommy and Daddy both have to work like usual.”

PR: “No, I don’t want to go to daycare. I want to go get a haircut today.”

Me: “Really, you want a haircut?”

PR: “Yes! I do want a haircut. Because my hair is getting so long and I don’t want it to get into the potty.”

Me: “Well I don’t want it to get into the potty either. And it is really long, so we can go get a haircut if you want. But not today though. Maybe this weekend.”

PR: “Does it cost money and dollars to get a haircut? How many dollars? Five?”

Me: “Yes, it costs money. I’m not exactly sure how much one will cost for you. Maybe twenty dollars. How much hair do you think you want to cut? A lot or a little?”

PR: “A lot. I think seventeen.”

Me: “Seventeen inches?”

PR: “No. Not inches. Just seventeen. If I cut seventeen will my hair stick up all over the place? Or will it look like Daddy’s hair?”

Me: “I’m not sure… I think seventeen might be a lot. Let’s start with just a little.”

PR: “Ok, Mommy.”

So now that she seems to be on board with the idea of getting a haircut, I am on the fence. Can you believe that? When I look at the ends of her hair that curl up a little at the bottom, all I can think about is how those little locks looked when they were growing from her baby girl mohawk into her baby girl mullet. Is it crazy that I feel like her hair is a part of her that I don’t want to let go of? So I haven’t made an appointment yet. But I will soon. I guess…

And now, let us reflect upon all the length of all the hair…

long hair

One month before turning 3 – June 2013

waterfall braid

Two months after her 3rd birthday – Sep 2013

long haired fairy

So long! Jan 2014


**Top photo: Rapunzel dress from Rhinestones and Tutus and hairpiece from HairMajestyBoutique



14 thoughts on “One of us isn’t ready for a haircut

  1. Aww she is a beauty, i hope my daughter will have long hair, st the moment it seems to be not growing. But she’s only 10 mths. Your story is cute. she says seventeen … Lol too cute

  2. She has beautiful daughter’s hair is a little pass her shoulders but she has very thin hair. I can’t wait till she has more. She has straight and little hair while me…well I have a lot tty of curly hair so I’m guessing she has the straight her from her dad. I’m sure it’s a hard decision especially with such beautiful healthy hair your daughter has…so funny though the 17 part lol…let us know how it goes when you decide to take her 😉

  3. I didn’t cut my sons hair until he was 2.5 just this past thanksgiving. He has the cutest curliest surfer dude hair that some people tell me what a pretty little girl I have (dressed in cargos and lighting McQueen?) I didn’t want to do it. It my hubby said it was dangling in his face and looked sloppy and he was right. It I refused to take him so where where you tell them just a little and then they end up with a military fade! I have never cut hair before but I did his get haircut myself and cried a bit when I picked up that little curly dangle he first grew and I taped it in his baby book and my husband made fun of me. A what if I only trimmed like an eighth of an inch it seemed like tons. No one even noticed I did it except me. Not sure why it’s so hard.

  4. My 3 1/2 year old has crazy long hair but it is soo Curly and thick!! She has more hair then most 5 year olds. Im terrifided to take more then a couple inches off because i dont want her curls to go away (even though im fairly sure they are not going anywhere lol)

    • I feel the same way, but I haven’t even been able to take a couple of inches off! PR’s hair at the bottom has just a tiny bit of curl and I know that it won’t come back when I cut it. Sounds like your curls are safe though!

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