What’s a dreamcatcher?

Princess Rapunzel: “What’s that thing that you have with the tiny beads on it?’

Me: “Oh, the dreamcatcher?”

PR: “Yeah the dreamcatcher.”

Me: “It’s for good dreams. I got one for you too.”

PR: “You got one for me too? For my room? Will it catch my dreams?”

Me: “It stops any nightmares from getting through and makes sure that you will always have only good dreams.”

PR: “I don’t like nightmares.”

Me: “What do you have nightmares about?”

PR: “Well, I have nightmares about bees. They sting. And tigers. They scratch. And what’s that animal with the polka dots?”

Me: “Oh, polka dots… ummm a leopard?”

PR: “Yes, I sometimes have nightmares about leopards. They scratch. And kitties, if you get too close to their face. They scratch.”

Me: “Ok, well we should hang that dreamcatcher up then. No more bad dreams about bees, tigers, leopards and kitties when you get too close to their face.”

PR: “Good idea, Mommy.”


All the nightmares

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