The Walking Dead: Love, hate, or addiction?

Last Sunday night, I oddly enough, didn’t feel the need to keep up with all of the shenanigans of the Atlanta Housewives. Weird, I know! I wanted to hang out with the Original Boo, but he was all excited about the return of The Walking Dead. He’d been telling me for a while that I would like it, but it seemed too scary to me. Some people are into Zombies. They are not my thing. I prefer to look at people that are alive, and have makeup on, and nice clothes… But even knowing all of this I decided to give it a whirl. Why not dive right in when the mid-season premier of Season 4 comes on, right? Just as I suspected, I held my breath and death gripped OB’s arm the entire time. So stressful! But it had gotten my attention and I found myself feeling like I was on the fence, unsure if I would continue to watch in terror or stick with my usual genre of shows like Glee, Sex and the City, or anything on Bravo. The next night, OB asked me if I wanted to watch the first episode (Seasons 1-3 are available on Netflix!), so I said why not. Well that quickly turned into two episodes and even though my death grip on OB’s arm never loosened, I realized I was hooked. Now I’m over halfway through Season 2, but I still find myself conflicted. Do I like this show? Do I hate it? Do I hate that I like it? Do I love it? Am I addicted to the suspense? Here are my concerns:

1. I hate to watch it alone, but OB has already seen it, so doesn’t want to watch every episode over again. My cats don’t offer the same level of safe haven as OB seems to, so I’m on my own.

2. Every episode ends in a cliff hanger and Netflix automatically starts the next episode up. How do you stop watching? Furthermore, once I do find a way to tear myself apart from the story and stop it (typically after midnight), I have to watch something else before I go to sleep. I need a buffer. Something that isn’t terrifying and full of gross zombie blood. Full House and Friends are usually good buffers (thank you Nick at Nite).

3. I am forced to turn on every light in the room that I am watching it in because it is that creepy.

4. Before I can go to bed, I must circle the house numerous times making sure all doors are locked, even though it seems like zombies can’t open doors. You never know. I’ve considered boarding up the windows, but that seems extreme.

5. Every sound I hear seems like a growling, shuffling zombie. It’s really just the cats. Or my kids doing their weird sleep-breathing on the monitors.

6. Don’t get too attached to anyone. Because they will die. Here is a direct quote from OB: “If you like the way that your favorite characters die in Game of Thrones, then you will love The Walking Dead.” Well, no. I do not like the way that my favorite characters in GOT die. In fact, I hate that.

7. I’m watching it right now. It’s out of control!

I’ve accepted reality and here’s where I’m at: I love the story line, hate the edge-of-your-seat suspense and am addicted to watching the drama unfold. I have no choice but to watch every episode until I am caught up with the current season. Sorry Housewives, but I’ll be back soon!

the walking dead


8 thoughts on “The Walking Dead: Love, hate, or addiction?

  1. Welcome to thhe club i absolutely love the walking dead i have been watching since the first episode aired i am totally addicted to it but i don’t really think its scary my kids don’t either they love it almost as mmuch as me

  2. oh i am hooked to it too. Even though I dont find them too scary to watch, may be by now I have just got used to the walkers, but I do dream them and many nights wake up all scared and sweaty. Then laugh because I dreamt zombies. creepy much? 😀

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