A very twothreeornottwothree craft tutorial!

I am constantly seeing cute craft ideas on Facebook or Instagram; mostly from my friends that are far more creative than I am. I saw one the other day that I loved and knew that I’d never actually do, but I shared it on my Facebook wall so that I could easily access it should I ever have a moment of inspiration, or just to look at over and over while feeling badly for my pre-planned-craft deprived children. Well my friends, that moment of inspiration hit me today and I am sharing a simple step by step tutorial for you all to read and be jealous of!

The preparation starts the night before, so make sure that you have at least 24-hours to complete this project the right way. Here we go:

1. Go to bed late and don’t set your alarm because the forecast for tomorrow is full of lots of snow and treachery. We all remember the time that this happened, so the plan is to stay home.

2. Awaken to the beeping of a rogue smoke detector that is clearly ruining your dream of sleeping late on what you assume will be a snow day. Look out the window and see this.

snowy day


3. That settles it! It’s a snow day. The smoke detector has also woken up the kids, so you should get them out of bed and feed them breakfast.

4. Since you’re all up early, you think that this might be the perfect morning to do a craft project. You are feeling oddly inspired and remember the time that you posted this picture to your Facebook wall.

the project

Who wouldn’t want to make this???

5. Give your kids something else to do while you get prepared for this. You decide to look for some type of marker or calligraphy pen in your craft supply area, but then you come to your senses. “Why would I have a calligraphy pen?” So you get a crayon instead.

the supply area

At least 600 crayons and 0 calligraphy pens in here.

6. What you will need: paper, the crayon as discussed above and red finger paint. Also coffee.

what you'll need

The players

7. Write out the wording with the crayon and then think that this probably would look better if you had typed it out in some fancy font, but again, you come to your senses. “Who has time for that? This crayon is fine!”

the players

You are never too old to use a crayon!

8. Remove all clothing from your children because you are about to willingly stick their hands and feet in paint. You need to hedge your bets and err on the side of caution.

9. Do your best to get their handprints and footprints to look like the ones in the picture.

10. Voila!

PR craft

Princess Rapunzel’s!

LB craft

Little Boo’s!

11. Clean up a mess that looks something like this. And you’re done!

the mess

Nobody’s perfect.

In case you were wondering: I did not venture out into the treachery to get coffee. The Original Boo made an early morning trip to Home Depot to get a new smoke detector and brought home coffee. And the original source for the photo of the craft came from here. Happy crafting my loves!

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