And I shall call this one “What happened????????”

This is an engagement story. And who doesn’t love a good engagement story, am I right? The Original Boo and I have been together for-like-ever. Seriously. Since I was something crazy like 19 or something. At some point around age 23 or so, I started to get the itch. The ladies will know what I mean because they have had or possibly even have the itch right now. The fellas will know what I mean because, well, they have to deal with us ladies. Usually you can pin the blame on your friends. One of them will inevitably take the first leap and then the rest will follow suit. Before you know it, everyone around you has paired up and gotten hitched. People who know that you and your man have been together for a few years start asking, “Sooooooo, when will you guys get married?” or “What is he waiting for?” and after a while you simply cannot stand the questions anymore. You’ll hit a summer where you practically have a wedding or wedding shower or even a baby shower every weekend. The nerve of all of these people flaunting their legally committed love when you can’t even get him to put a darn ring on it! I remember driving to yet another wedding and thinking in my head that if he didn’t propose soon, he’d be flying solo to any and all future events.

The brass (or platinum) ring finally started to seem like it was within my reach one winter when my dreams came true and we stepped into the abnormally bright lights of a jewelry store and had fancy sales people adorning my bare finger with various cuts, shapes and sizes of diamonds. But then a few more months passed… and nothing. I’d decided to accept the fact that it would happen when it happened and to stop asking, pressuring, praying and hoping. I’d gone to see Sex and the City with two of my friends one weekend and one of them asked me about when I thought I’d get engaged over glasses of wine afterwards. I said that I had no idea and that I was ok with it. I knew that it wasn’t going to be soon, so I was no longer driving myself crazy waiting.

Exactly one week later, I got home from work on an extremely hot Saturday evening. I was tired and sweaty and just wanted to sit on the couch. I came in the house expecting to order a pizza or something and watch TV on the couch in comfy clothes, but when I walked in the door, the Original Boo was surprisingly energized and suggested that we go to a restaurant. He’s never really been a huge fan of heading to a restaurant on a weekend night at peak dinner hours and who can blame him?! I suggested my pizza and couch idea, but he offered my favorite – The Cheesecake Factory. This was about 1/2 hour away and it was the summer of 2008 when gas prices were sky-high. I told him that sounded crazy! Then he suggested a restaurant even further away that he said I would love. I again pointed the impracticality of this due to the unreasonably high gas prices, but he insisted.

I changed out of my work clothes and was trying to figure out what would go best with the exhaustion and sweat that I was currently wearing. I may have tried to put on something pajama-like and the Original Boo suggested that I pick out something a little “nicer”. I begrudgingly pulled a sundress out of my closet, made myself look presentable and we headed out. I was still wondering what all of the fuss was about. When we got to the restaurant he asked me if I would rather go somewhere else. He said that maybe this wasn’t nice enough. I looked at him with bewilderment and wondered where my boyfriend had gone and who exactly had driven me an hour away from home to this restaurant that allegedly wasn’t nice enough. We’d been together for 7 years. There were no nerves on dates. No need to try to impress the other with elaborately planned displays of romance. I said that I thought it seemed nice and we should sit down and eat!

Halfway through my second beer, he moved it aside and said that I probably shouldn’t drink too much – yes I am and was a lightweight – but I can handle two beers. He asked me if I wanted to take a walk on the beach after dinner. “Huh?” At this point I was sure that something strange must have happened to my boyfriend while I was at work. Neither one of us would really be classified as the romantic type, so this sounded very odd to me.

We went back to the car and he rummaged around the backseat saying he was looking to change his shoes for the beach. I was wondering if this was some sort of alien abduction and hoped that my best friend would be able to safely get my collection of shoes and purses so that their fabulousness could live on. We walked down the beach holding hands. He started talking about things like the future and love and I still had no idea where this was going. I bent down to pick up a shell and went to the water to wash it off. When I got back over to him, he was looking down in the sand and said that he’d found an even better one. I leaned over to take a look at what he was showing to me, from his one-knee stance down in the sand and it wasn’t a shell. It was a velvet box holding a Tiffany set diamond solitaire. “Will you marry me?” Those four words that had been haunting and antagonizing me for so many years. The words that I had wanted to hear for so long. And I replied with what every man wants to hear with one knee in the sand and a ring in his hand, “What happened????????” Because for some reason I just could not believe that this was actually happening, so I just kept repeating “What happened? What happened?” until he had to ask me if I was saying yes. “YES!! I am saying yes!!” 

After sealing the deal with a kiss, I quickly broke away to run to the nearest light source so that I could better check out my new bling bling. And that my friends, is a good engagement story. In fact some might even say a great one.


We didn’t actually take any pictures that night, but this could have been us!

Now tell me yours!

29 thoughts on “And I shall call this one “What happened????????”

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  2. I agree with prev poster and you as well. We are definitely not the romantics! Very cute story and engagement! My words exactly were “omg… Are you serious!!” I then started shaking and realized what was happening!

  3. Aw, this is soo cute. I think my response to the question was “what are you doing?” we already had a 5 month old son, had been together 2+ years, and it was just awkward, lol!

  4. What a great story! I said yes, and I had a bit of an idea that it was coming, but there was still the thought of ‘Is this really happening?’ We were in Vegas for hubby’s annual work trip. Unfortunately, (or fortunately, depends on the day,) he works for his parents family business and so his loving yet intrusive mother was also there. She knew about the entire plot, in fact, she carried my ring on the plane so I didn’t see it at security. Anyway, Hubbs hadn’t really decided when or where he was going to ask but his mother couldn’t wait. She called him about 14 times the day after we arrived and he just kept telling her ‘No, not yet.’ At this point I pretty much knew what was going on but I played dumb so as not to ruin it for him. The last call from mom prompted him to get me out of the hotel room, for a “walk,” even though we had walked the entire strip earlier that day. I was a little annoyed that I had to leave, I was just starting to relax from the first tour of the strip. Grumpily, I got up, threw on something other than sweats and off we went. We decided to go see the Bellagio fountains since it was getting dark. (They really are much better with the lights on.) It seems like we stood there forever. I think he was going to ask about 3 times but each time he started to speak we were engulfed by a crowd of Asian tourists, the kind of crowd with the super high-tech cameras that won’t be released in the US for another 5 years. (Not that there is anything wrong with that, just not the ideal audience when you want to ask someone to marry you.) Finally, after the 3rd wave of tourists, it seemed like we were alone, almost, and he dropped to one knee. There was no grand speech or unique ring presentation but for us it was perfect. I accepted and we were immediately swarmed by another crowd of camera-toting tourists. We laughed hysterically and decided to make our way back to the hotel. Champagne and strawberries were waiting for us in our room, which was why my MIL kept calling. She had to find out when to send the basket, and apparently she lost patience because I later found out that the final call was that the champagne was on its way to our room. No wonder we had to leave so quickly. I remember being truly annoyed but we both laugh about it now. While it may not have been the grand affair I had dreamed about, I can’t imagine anything that could have been better. I think no matter what, if the person is the right one, the proposal is never wrong.

      • It’s typical of her. I love her dearly but she is eccentric and wealthy and gets what she wants, no matter what. At least she approved of me, I was worried because she went out and got 3 cats after she found out that I’m allergic. I always thought it was a bad omen but it turns out that she just really loves cats. I have to take several Benadryl before I go to their house. She’s a force to be reckoned with for sure.

  5. My husband took me on a picnic at our favorite private little park with a creek and gazebo he had prepared a whole picnic there and he had told me that this is what he wanted to do for his birthday which I thought was so weird Bc he prepared everything! So we got there and we sat down and ate lunch and then I realized there was a embroidered pillow that had the words “happy birthday Shimi” (my husbands name) I picked it up and told him how weird he is “why would u bring a pillow that says happy birthday?, that’s super weird” I was holding it then realiZed there was something on the back, it said “Yudit, (my name) will you marry me?” And I turned around and he was on his knee with an open ring box with the most beautiful ring in the world! I looked at him and said are you f***ing with me?? This would be the meanest joke ever!! (We were 19 at the time so wasn’t out heard of) then I started crying and hugged him and said yes yes yes! Then I got to marry my best friend!

  6. I wish mine was as romantic! I’m sure my hubby would have planned something out if he could have waited more than an hour after buying the ring to give it to me. He apologized a million times but kept saying he was just too excited to wait. I guess I could have done worse lol.

  7. I was 23 and 6 months pregnant, I was at home making dinner expecting him to come home at anytime then the door opens and there comes my husband, with a big box. He says he has brought me a cake..mind you I was pregnant and loved the idea! I told him to leave it for dessert yet he insisted that I should have a bite. There he was holding the cake out of the box and im coming over with a.spoon and when I lean over, there in the middle there was something shining to me. My beautiful engagement ring was on top of this fab cake and in writing it said “Will you marry me”??? I couldn’t even talk, I was pregnant and emotional. Tears tears and more tears came down while he was still on his knee lol. I finally said YES and we got married the week after! Nothing big or fancy. Just our parents, siblings and our little boy who was still on my belly. I really loved his.proposal, he’s not the romantic type at all so for him to do that he gets a lot of credit. In loved with your story as well that was totally romantic and unforgettable, something your girls will love to hear one day im sure 🙂

  8. How funny. Our engagement and my reaction was somewhat similar! After dating for almost 2 years, my then-boyfriend gave me a 7-day warning before moving to Boston from Nashville. I was bummed – if that doesn’t but the breaks on relationship progress. But thankfully he had an amazing boss who flew me up to visit or him home every month. About 6m in to our long-distance relationship, it was my turn to fly up to meet him. But flying to boston in Feb has it’s challenges. After a long day of cancelations & delays, I arrived … However w/ a message from my honey that work was holding him up so his roommate would meet me. The good news was that we’d meet up w/ him and friends downtown to iceskate. So we arrived at Boston Common and the roommate dropped me off at the rink while he parked. It was prob 15 degrees and silly me – I had packed my winter coat not expecting to go from airport to plans. So I stood there shivering in the dark just as the rink closed for the night. Around the corner walked my Wade. He said “well we’ll find something else to do – but first how about a walk through the Gardens”. I said “Seriously it’s freezing out here – and to be honest I’d rather call it a night and meet up w/ everyone tomorrow.” He was patient and said something like “okay but first I want to show you a special tree”. Bless my Eagle Scout tree-hugging then-boyfriend’s heart – I didn’t care to see a tree. But I agreed and teased “is this the tree?” “Oh this is the tree” as we walked through the commons. Finally saying something like “lets just let this one be THE tree. It’s freezing!” He finally found THE tree. And started explaining to me that this was a redwood – and it was kind of an anomaly that it could grow in this climate. And that despite all odds it was able to set roots deep enough to grow strong and survive for many years. And that it was here when my grandfather went to school in Boston and it would be there when we brought our kids and our grandkids. And then – he got down on one knee and asked me! I was in shock and severely disappointed w/ myself. Esp when I uttered “well of course!” … Nice! Can I get a do over?

  9. aww this is so cute! i have blogged mine before ( and i couldn’t stop swearing! i was all “SHUT THE F UP!” which was not very awesome considering how uptight my in laws are! oops!!!!! i was so surprised. my now husband had flown my mom in who i hadn’t seen in 3 years, gathered all our closest friends near & far along with our parents (mine are divorced) & some of their friends who have watched me grow. he rented out a theater, hired a photographer, wrote a song & choreographed a dance to it all himself! all the mornings he left for the gym he really left to go practice! he set up an appt for me to go try on dresses while my mom & bff were in town too. we do have a silly youtube vid!

    • That is the BEST!!! You have an amazing man!! How thoughtful. And I think I’m going to have your song stuck in my head all night long. The photos are beautiful, the ring is beautiful. So awesome! Thanks for sharing!!

  10. I absolutely love hearing about people’s engagements! My college BFF got engaged the other day and I was like, “tell me everything.” I love how cute and funny your story is. 🙂

  11. I love engagement stories! My college BFF just got engaged the other day and I was like, “tell me everything.” I love how cute and funny your story is! 🙂

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