Just when you fit back into your second favorite pair of skinny jeans

I know what you’re thinking, but no… No, I have not recently been named the next new spokesperson for all things denim. I just write what pops into my head and evidently, I’ve got jeans on the brain! But there’s a story here, so stay with me. Tonight I’m taking you back. All the way back to the beginning of April, 2011. Back to the days where I could still consider myself a new mom and I was just getting used to my new life; adjusting to the balancing act that is life after baby. Baby Princess Rapunzel had owned my heart for eight whole months and was really starting to develop her little personality. Plus she was just so cute.

PR 8 mos

The cuteness!

I had just about convinced myself that I was ok with her being an only child because I was certain that I didn’t want to attempt to have another baby. I had no issues with pregnancy. The pregnancy portion of the program had been smooth sailing for me. It was the getting the baby out part that really didn’t go so well and I had legitimately been so traumatized by her birth that I was not about to attempt that again. On the bright side, the dairy and soy free diet that I was on due to Baby PR’s allergies had really helped with losing the baby weight and I was finally able to get back into my second favorite pair of skinny jeans! The most favorite pair was still too tight, but I figured in maybe just a few weeks or a month, I’d be back in those suckers as well. Spoiler alert – not the case!

It was a Sunday afternoon and I had just put Baby PR to bed. I was gathering up laundry and the Original Boo was headed out to get gas and run a couple of errands. I caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror and noticed that my stomach, which had gone from flat, to ummmm… is she a little fat or might she be pregnant?, to definitely pregnant, to post-baby-still-swollen-weirdness, to flat-ish, was looking less flat-ish than it had been in previous weeks. Curious! I checked out different angles, sucked it in, let it back out and then had a flash back. I had looked similar to this at one point… about seventeen months before… when I had first realized that Baby PR was on the way. What the what?! Impossible. I did a little quick math in my head, consulted the calendar and broke out into a cold sweat. I threw the laundry back onto the floor into the hamper, ran to the bathroom and started rummaging around under my sink. When did under the sink change over from a wide range of cleaning products to an even wider range of bath toys? I knew that I had at least one pregnancy test left over from my CVS trip back in 2009. I found one amongst a pile of stolen hospital pads that I had brought home after delivering Baby PR. They were left over and I probably figured that they’d come in handy if my basement flooded or something. (Ask any mom about these things. Enormous doesn’t even do them justice.)

Much like the last time, there were those two pink lines. Why was this always coming as such a surprise to me? Yet again, here I was without the Original Boo, but at least he wasn’t halfway across the country. I knew that I needed to tell him so naturally I snapped a cell phone pic and texted it to him. Romantic and whimsical I am not. He called me to say that he was just down the street and that he’d be home in a minute. When he got home, we sat on the couch together to try to process our newest revelation. We talked for a few minutes, but I was still so in shock that the conversation was a little on the vague side.

Original Boo: “So, how do you feel about it?”

Me: “I feel a little sad for PR.” 

Original Boo: “Yeah I know what you mean. But maybe we will have another baby later on.”

***Wait, what???** I started to realize that Original Boo had thought that the test was negative. Note to self, no more texting photos of pregnancy tests. Who does that?

Me: “No, I feel sad for PR because now she has to share us from such a young age. I feel like we are robbing her of her last months of being a baby since we’re going to be having a new baby. The test was positive!”

Original Boo: “What? It looked like only one line on the picture you sent to me. Look!”

Sure enough, that second pink line was tough to make out on the cell phone screen. I really needed to work on my timing of taking pregnancy tests and perhaps even wait to take them when the Original Boo was actually home. I mean, the Queen of Awkward Pregnancy Announcements probably wasn’t who my husband had set out to marry.

Original Boo: “Wow! We’re having another baby!”

We were having another baby! I was definitely nervous about having two so close, and again the process of baby extraction terrified me. But Little Boo was on her way and what a little blessing she turned out to be!

PR started making noises from her crib and we snapped back to reality. I got back to the laundry and washed the second favorite pair of skinny jeans. Then I folded them up and put them back up on the closet shelf. As much as I loved that I had fit back into them for a hot minute, I had already started to love the tiny little Little Boo even more.

PR 8mos 2

Hi Baby! We’re having a baby!


11 thoughts on “Just when you fit back into your second favorite pair of skinny jeans

  1. Hahahaha what you mean? Pic texts of my p-test was how I told the WORLD. Hubby was with me the second time. We were SO excited we couldn’t wait to share lol

  2. So funny! When I saw the headline I thought you were announcing #3!
    8 months is pretty soon… And yet, my Mom got pregnant with my 3rd brother when my 2nd brother was only THREE MONTHS OLD. Can you imagine? Their birthdays are 10 days apart… She said she just cried and cried haha

    • No I cannot imagine that! I was not in business at 3 months if ya know what I mean! And I wish I was announcing number 3. Still don’t have the husband on board with that idea.

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