My kid (still) says the darndest things

I wish that I could write down or remember everything that Princess Rapunzel says.  The things that she says make me laugh every day. Here are a few recent faves from her.

Sometimes she is a bit too literal:

Little Boo: “Cut it out!”

Princess Rapunzel: “I can’t cut it out. I don’t have scissors. I’m not cutting anything!”

The benefits of marriage:

“You should sleep right here in my room with me, Mama. Do you and Daddy get to sleep in the same room because you are married? I don’t like to sleep alone. I want to get married to Ally so that she can sleep in my room with me every day!”

How I know she’s mine:

“Do I look pretty, Mama? Do I look FAB-U-LOUS?”

Thoughts on movies:

Little Mermaid~

PR: “Do I have human legs?”

Me: “Yes, you have human legs. What other kind of legs would you have?”

PR: “Maybe doggy legs. Or kitty legs.”

Me: “Nope, you have human legs. Because you have a human mommy and daddy.”

PR: “Why? Do they make me fall down like Ariel and her human legs?”

**Stands up and immediately falls back down… three times in a row. I was just trying to get her to brush her teeth.**


“What would we do if you turned into a bear mommy, Mama?”

And in case I’m ever feeling down:

PR: “Do we have any blueberries, Mama? Do we have some in the freezer?”

Me: “Yes! I do have some in the freezer.”

PR: “Yay! I love blueberries. You are the best, Mama. You are doing such a great job with this.”

I wonder what she will say to us tomorrow???

ava jan

Do I look FAB-U-LOUS?


4 thoughts on “My kid (still) says the darndest things

  1. Haha! My favorite is the “you are doing such a great job with this” compliment because that really is something that someone would say to you if you were feeling discouraged about parenting or whatever. Haha kids are amazing when they’re not being terrible 😉

    • That was what I was going to write! I definitely need an adorable little munchkin to toddle through my life and occasionally say “you are doing such a great job with this.” It would make all of the difference.

      • Yes! Everyone needs an adorable little munchkin (or two)!! They can drive you crazy, but when they are sweet, it makes everything worth it.

    • I gotta say that I am lucky because even when mine are terrible, they are not nearly as terrible as some kids can be! Phew!! Now let’s hope this carries into the teen years…

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