A very twothreeornottwothree Christmas

So the Original Boo and I were really looking forward to Christmas this year because each year as the kiddos get older, they get more and more excited and have a better understanding that Christmas is coming and what it’s all about. Princess Rapunzel really was excited and had been talking about how Santa was coming and that she hoped that he would bring her an “Ariel doll with a tail and a dress that sings”, as well as Prince Eric and “the bad guy from Little Mermaid”. Even Little Boo started to get excited and seemed to understand the ramifications of Santa’s yearly visit as Christmas drew closer. We had given her the Anna and Elsa dolls from Frozen for her birthday the week before and once she opened them, she started looking around and asking for Olaf big” (sorry – if you haven’t seen Frozen, none of these names will make any sense to you). So naturally, every night when she gave me a hard time putting her down to bed I’d say to her that she better lay down and go to sleep, or Santa wouldn’t be able to bring her “Olaf big” to her. It seemed to work!

Anyhow, the kids were getting all of the above, plus more and we could not wait for them to wake up on Christmas morning! But if there’s one thing that you can always predict about my kids, it’s that they are unpredictable. They woke up at just about the same time and I went into LB’s room first. I walked over to her with an enormous smile and started saying “Merry Christmas!” in the high pitched voice that you may hear people use on pets, babies and the elderly. She was not impressed and backed herself into the corner of her crib, giving me a cold, hard scowl. I brought it down a notch.

We went in to PR’s room to get her and I was sure that she would be more than ready to head to the living room and see whether or not Santa had showed up as promised this year. “Merry Christmas!” I said to her in a much more subdued tone. “I want candy!”, she replied. Well this was unexpected. “It’s not Halloween, Sweetie. It’s Christmas and Santa came! Don’t you want to open your presents and see what he brought you?” “No! I want candy!” “Want candyyyyy!”, LB joined in with her sister. Oh boy…

I hustled them out to the living room thinking that the magic of the tree and stockings would change their mood. They still seemed unimpressed. LB only wanted me to hold her and did not want to open anything herself. Her usual “I do it self!” was replaced by “you do it self!” which is really unlike her. PR started getting into it and did enjoy opening and playing with her gifts. I managed to peel LB off of me and lay her on the couch wrapped in her blanket to drink a bottle (uggh, I know). In true LB style, she drank it and managed to throw it up all over the couch within a matter of fifteen minutes. I’m telling you, this girl loves to puke. (Don’t believe me? Read this. Or this.)

Despite the rocky start, we did have a great day! LB took two naps which makes for a happier LB, so that was a definite plus. My craft fair picks for the Original Boo were a success, even though he doesn’t share my obsession with all things handmade. He got me everything that I had texted and/or emailed him the links to hinted that I wanted, plus a few surprises. I was able to watch The Family Stone, one of my all-time fave Christmas movies, while the kids napped. I think that we can all agree that SJP doesn’t make bad movies and I’ve never come across a Christmas movie that I didn’t like, so it was a win-win! Plus, no one changed out of their pj’s all day which really is a must for me on Christmas.

Christmas in pj's


I have a two year old and a three year old. Expect the unexpected. That’s my motto. Excited, not excited, demanding candy or throwing up, these two little girls are the axis that my world spins on and I wouldn’t change a thing! I hope that you all had a very twothreeornttwothree Christmas as well!


Take a peak below at some of the goodies that Santa Original Boo had stashed under the tree for me this year!

my loot

These are a few of my favorite things

Clockwise starting at Britney:

Her new Album “Britney Jean”, Home Alone/Home Alone 2 combo Blu Ray, Conair curling wand, Pearls and Pastries Heart Print Collection, Iweartheheadress Crystal Beanie, Raine and Skye bow headbands, and Beyonce’s new album.

4 thoughts on “A very twothreeornottwothree Christmas

  1. Haha this is great! I also went in with a lot of enthusiasm. Archer was kinda impressed with all the presents but he headed for Santa’s tray of cookies first,he’d been mad that I didn’t let him eat any cookies when we set them out. He grabbed the last half eaten cookie and shoved it in his mouth. It was classic 😉

    Glad you guys had a great Christmas!

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