The post of Christmas past

‘Tis five days before Christmas and I’m holding back tears

Just thinking how the holiday has changed o’er the years.

I remember like yesterday Christmas two-thousand-nine,

I was tired and bloated and couldn’t drink wine.

We gathered with family and shared our big news:

For the next seven months, I couldn’t drink booze!

A baby!! Everyone was excited and knew that they’d love

What was growing in my belly – this tiny turtledove.

turtle dove

The tiny turtledove

Fast forward a little – Christmas two-thousand-ten

The Princes was here, five months old she was then.

The lights! The tree! She thought Christmas was cool…

As she crinkled the wrapping paper and covered it with drool.

1st xmas

1st Christmas with the Princess

Christmas two-thousand-eleven – this one’s a haze.

We’d just had a new baby. She was only seven days!

The Princess was older, she’d learned presents were more fun

Than the paper they were wrapped in. Christmas is great when you’re one!

christmas past

A family of four!

And then there was last year. Christmas two-thousand-twleve.

We started the tradition of the Elf on the Shelf.

We found it quite handy having this little spy

That would report back to Santa how many gifts to bring by.

The Princess said, “I want a guitar!”

And Santa brought the girls their first car.

first car

1st set of wheels

And now here we are, another Christmas almost here.

I’ve realized the holidays just get better each year.

We’ll make new memories, see family and friends.

And our Christmas will be filled with love that never ends.

heart tree

With love from me to you!

9 thoughts on “The post of Christmas past

  1. This is beautiful! Most of my best Christmas memories are of having children, and not of being a child. I never thought that could happen but it gets better and better!

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