Little Boo – she speaks the truth!

So if you’ve read Little Boo’s post from the other night about her upcoming birthday, you may have a few questions. Like: Wow, did she really write that? She is so advanced for an almost-two-year-old. She must have a super awesome and smart mom. Answer: Yes, of course. Yes to all of that. And: How is it possible that she still has Halloween candy left? I thought that all parents ate their kids’ Halloween candy. Answer: We only eat the chocolate. Or: Was she really serious about only wanting things that her sister has? Answer: 100% fact, truth and non-fiction. And here is a little story to prove it.

This morning Little Boo and I were lying in bed waiting for her sister to wake up and watching Disney Junior. Out of nowhere, she pops her sippy cup (that sounds better, but she actually still drinks her milk out of a bottle. judge me not.) out of her mouth and looks at me with a huge smile.

LB: “Present!” 

Me: “You mean for your birthday?”

LB: “Yeah!”

Me: “Well your birthday is on Tuesday. You’ll get presents then. We have to wait until your birthday. Do you know what you want?”

LB: “Bunny! Bunny wabbit!!”

Me: “Oh, you want a bunny rabbit for your birthday?”

LB: “Yeah!”

A little while later I told my husband to ask Little Boo what she wanted for her birthday. Mainly because she sounds so cute saying it. (Not as cute as it is when she says dinglehopper. We’re into The Little Mermaid lately.) I was also wondering if she would switch things up and ask for something else.

Daddy: “Do you know what you want for your birthday?”

LB: “Yeah! Bunny wabbit. I get it.”

***She then runs down the hall and we hear her open the door to her sister’s room. Hmmmmm. Where is she going with this? A minute later, she comes running back carrying Princess Rapunzel’s pink stuffed bunny with her.***

LB: “Heaaaaa it is! Bunny wabbit!”

So the moral of the story is this: Parenting is hard. Let’s all make it a little easier on ourselves. If you have two kids, don’t bother going out and buying them new things for holidays and birthdays. All they really want is to take away the toys that their siblings have and love.


This. This is all she wants.

Happy 2nd birthday. Little Boo! Mommy loves you!! And don’t worry, as soon as we put you to bed we hit up Amazon and picked out a bunny rabbit that would be delivered on time. Thank you Amazon Prime.

9 thoughts on “Little Boo – she speaks the truth!

  1. Haha! So true. They love to steal their siblings toys. I’ve got two boys, and it’s the same story here day in and day out. Only Nolan (older kid) also wants what Archer (younger one) has.

  2. Aw! So the cutest. Given the chance I would probably try to steal that bunny wabbit from your daughter too… it looks so cuddly.
    And: I like the new blog theme! It’s more visually enticing 🙂

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