Turning the two! ~ by Little Boo

So according to my mom, I’m turning two next week. I’m not entirely sure what she means by that, but she keeps holding her fingers in my face in a “V” shape and then she grabs my hand and tries to pry my fingers open into that same shape. Then she gets even more in my face and in her weird, high-pitched voice that she only uses when talking to me says, “Can you say two? Can you say TWO?” Well I can, but I don’t know why she needs me to, so I reply, “Two, three, two.” which is pretty much my go-to phrase whenever numbers are involved. Mom’s always correcting me and saying, “One, two, three.”, but that’s a whole other story.

Anyhow, Mom and Dad have been mentioning that my birthday is coming up and I’m thinking it has something to do with when I turn into “two”. Who can be sure? Mom has asked me about a cake and what kind I want and then she shows me pictures of things on her phone and seems to want me to indicate which one I like better. I’m not one to turn down cake, but I know that I still have candy in my Halloween pumpkin which Mom keeps on the top of the fridge. Why doesn’t she just give me some of that now and stop looking at pictures of cake on her phone? Just pick one, mom! All I wanna do with it is rub it all over my hair and massage it into my skin. I’d also like to be able to get some over to the glass doors in the kitchen and see how it squishes onto that. I’ll probably shove a couple of handfuls into my mouth too.

The other day when we came home from daycare, Mom was carrying more bags than usual. In fact, she was carrying so many things that she claimed that she was unable to carry me and that I had to walk like a “big girl”. How annoying! My sister asked her what was inside the bags and she was steered away from them as Mom told her that there were presents inside. I like presents! I think I will get some on the birthday because Mom, Dad and the grandparents have been asking me what kind of presents I want. Ideally, if you can give something to my sister and she likes it and then I can rip it away from her, that is my idea of the perfect present. If you give something to me I’ll ignore it until you aren’t looking, but if you give something to my sister, that’s how you’ll know I will like it. I hope that my Mom reads this because I don’t give out these valuable inside tips often. The other thing that I’d like is my own cat. We have two of them, but Mom and Dad don’t let me ride them or lay on them like a pillow. They also seem to get upset when I pull their fur out. I figure if I can get one of my own, maybe they’ll lay off and let me do with it what I please.

If I remember correctly, the last time they were throwing around this “birthday” word, Mom and Dad spent a couple of days playing a fun game with us where they would take all of our toys and put them into a toy box or on a shelf and then my sister and I would try to take them back out as fast as we could. We always win this game, but Mom has wizened up lately and I’ve noticed that she sometimes takes an unfair advantage and does the moving of the toys while we are sleeping. I think that’s called cheating. It’s fine. I can accept that challenge. She will also try to clean up crumbs and things that I have left on the floor and wipe off milk drips from the various tables in the living room. That’s ok – there’s more where that came from.

So, I’ll let you know how it turns out with the cake and the presents and the birthday and how it feels when I turn into “two”. In the meantime, I need to get back out there and make sure that my toys are all in their right places on the floor and that she hasn’t thrown away the fruit snacks that I have stashed in the couch cushions.

Hugs to you all!

~ xoxo Little Boo ~

PS – I have a sixth sense for these things and I can just tell that my mom has some outlandish outfit cooked up for me and I am sure that it involves her putting something big and crazy in my hair. For the record, I do not choose these things and would like you not to form your opinion on me based on the number and size of my accessories. Or how sparkly they are. Thanks.

little boo

I’d also take this mirror as a present because I enjoyed licking it while we were at the store.

10 thoughts on “Turning the two! ~ by Little Boo

  1. This made me happy on so many levels and is adorable. I like the part about how she will only like the presents that are given to her sister… this is how I felt when I gave my nephew these gross bugs encased in fiber glass and gave my niece a cute little glowworm… which she threw to the side while attempting to steel the nasty frozen scorpion. Aw, wee little babes…

    • It also holds true with foods. She will refuse to eat what is on her plate, but will eat anything that I am eating. Even though it’s the same thing. She might be trying to drive me crazy.

      • Okay sometimes I feel this way when I’m dining out with the boyfriend… it’s never eve been this way with anyone else but I swear that everything he orders always looks a thousand times more delicious than whatever I’ve got on my plate…

      • Does he share? My husband hates to share his food. We were friends before we dated and he once told me a story of a girl that he brought to a Red Sox game. The hot dog vendor came around and he asked her if she wanted one. She said no. So got his and then she asked for a bite. I just remember him saying how he had just offered to buy her a whole one and now she wanted to share his. Needless to say, that story has left a lasting impression and I don’t try to eat his foods!!

      • Haha I’ve heard guys tell similar stories and because of it I try to never do that either! So, no I don’t usually ask to share! I’m also a recovering germ freak (that didn’t last long with all the overseas travel….) and in my family we NEVER ate after each other or let our food touch or any of that stuff… so I’m pretty much incapable of reaching over and taking something off of someone else’s plate.

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