Jolly old Saint Nick – He’s not actually that bad

What can stop a 3 year old dead in her tracks? That’s right, my friends. The big man in red. Over the weekend we went to pick out our Christmas tree and as we were walking into the farm, Princess Rapunzel suddenly screamed and dove for cover behind my legs. We couldn’t figure out what had happened at first. Was she afraid of the machine that wraps the Christmas trees? But then after a quick scan of the area ahead, I knew what she had spied before we had. There he was in his blaze of red, furry-suited glory. “Sweetie, you don’t need to be afraid of Santa! He just wants to talk to you and find out what he should bring you for Christmas.” She ignored my words of wisdom and instead, demanded to be picked up. Mistake. My husband picked her up and marched right up to Santa. We’re trying to teach our kids to face their problems head on! Santa tried talking to her and PR started to let her guard down ever so slightly. Not Little Boo though, her head remained buried deep in my shoulder for all of this so as not to look into Santa’s eyes. Like avoiding Medusa.

As we looked over the tree selection and quickly realized that we had no idea which type, size, shape, etc. we were looking for, my husband and I both tried to talk up all of Santa’s most positive points, such as: He loves all children. He wants to give you presents. He’s always watching over you. He’s coming on Christmas Eve and he needs to know what you want. Do these things sound creepy? Yes! But that’s not the point.

After a little while, PR decided to break free from the tree hunt and started heading back towards the entrance, taking tiny shuffle-steps in the direction of Santa. I could not believe what I was watching! She was actually making her way over to him. I think she wants to talk to him! I walked over to her and she reached for my hand and we closed the gap between us and the scary red man. Once we got to him, she stood there grinning at him and giving me a nervous side-eye look.

Me: “This is Princess Rapunzel. She would like to tell you what she wants for Christmas!”

Santa: “Hello Princess Rapunzel! Have you been a good girl all year? What would you like for Christmas?”

PR: “Merrrrrrrrrrrrrrrmaid!”

Santa: “Mermaids?”

PR: (silence)

Me: “Well, the Little Mermaid, you know – an Ariel doll.”

Santa: “Oh, ok – an Ariel doll! Is that all you would like this Christmas?”

PR: (silence – and now she is hiding behind my legs)

Me: “PR, is that all you want?”

PR: (shakes head)

Me: “She wants Prince Eric too. You know – Ariel’s prince.”

Santa: “Oh, Prince Eric! Anything else?”

PR: (Still hiding silently behind my legs and at this point I’m just hoping to wrap this up and get back to the search for the pine needles that will end up all over my house. I mean the tree.)

Me: “She wants Ursula. That’s the bad guy from Little Mermaid. That’s all you want, right PR?”

PR: (nods head happily)

Me: “And this one likes Hello Kitty, right Little Boo?”

LB: (buries head deeper into my shoulder)

Me: “Yup, Hello Kitty for her! Ok thank you, Santa! PR say thank you to Santa!”

PR: (Her work here is done and she has already started to sprint back over to Daddy.)

We ended up finding a tree. And the best part was that while we waited for them to make sure that there were no squirrels in it and then wrap it up to go on the roof, we ate the most amazing fresh cider donuts in the whole wide world. Amazing, I tell you!

So I’m not sure what brought about the change of heart, but I suspect that the thought had crossed her mind that maybe Mommy was telling the truth and Santa wouldn’t know that she wanted Ariel, Eric and Ursula for Christmas. Thankfully, now he knows and I bet his little elves are working on those dolls right now!


He sees you when you’re sleeping. He knows when you’re awake.

4 thoughts on “Jolly old Saint Nick – He’s not actually that bad

  1. I love how most children’s instinct is to fear Santa! They may be on to something though… haha… And oh my gosh I love that she wants all the Little Mermaid characters– that’s what I want to! 😉

    • I actually googled “scary Santa” pics to put into the blog, but they were so scary that I couldn’t even include any. My blog would have been reclassified from fun-loving-doesn’t-take-herself-too-seriously mom blog to some sort of internet horror corner.

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