I know him! A Santa success story. Kind of…

It’s heeeeeere! Today was the day we’ve been waiting two weeks for. The day that we would make attempt #2 to get our yearly Santa photo. If you haven’t read about attempt #1, you have some catching up to do [click me]. This morning was a little Groundhog Day-esque because I basically followed the same routine that I did two Saturdays ago. Got up, got everyone showered/bathed, we ate breakfast and then I got the girls into their super adorable Christmas gear.

christmas outfits

Super adorable Christmas gear

Understandably I felt quite nervous as if I was waiting for the other shoe to drop. Or for the other child to throw up. But [spoiler alert] everything turned out fine. We all survived the hour car ride with no problems. We got to Santa, found out there was a 2 1/2 hour wait, successfully killed that time with no meltdowns, and even made a little reindeer craft while we were waiting for our turn. The morning had started out with both girls enthusiastically agreeing that today would be a great day to go see Santa (or “go to Christmas” as Princess Rapunzel would say). Little Boo even threw up some touchdown arms while exclaiming, “YEAH!!” when I asked her if she was excited to go see Santa today. However, as we got closer and closer to 3:00 which was our Santa time slot, the girls grew more and more dubious about the impending situation. I started to get the sinking feeling that I wasn’t going to get the picture perfect photo that just screams smiling’s my favorite that I’ve been longing for.

Our turn came up and suddenly the festive green carpet that led the way to Mr. Claus turned into the green mile for children. The girls were crying and fighting to get as far away from that jolly old elf as possible. We dropped them both on Santa’s lap like a hit and run and I prayed for a miracle. No such luck. So while we made it up to that point unscathed, which was way better than last time, the photo of my dreams did not happen this year. There’s always next year. Sorry kids…

santa 2013

Mommy’s sorry. We don’t need to see that scary man again. Until next year. And oh by the way, he will sneak into the house at night in just a couple of weeks.

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