No kids, no problems. Does grocery shopping count as a fourth date?

Yes it does, my friends. Yes it does. My husband and I both had today off and daycare was open, but after what happened the last time we tried to plan a kid-free day together, we dared not speak of any intentions or plans for the day. We pretty much treated this day like Voldemort and the plans-that-must-not-be-made. Tomorrow is Thanksgiving and we are actually having it at our house, so we had a lot of house cleaning and some shopping to do. And yes, I am crazy enough to go to a grocery store the day before Thanksgiving. We dropped the kids off at daycare together and headed to the busiest grocery store in our area, Wegman’s! Because really, if you’re going to do something preposterous, you might as well just go all out.

Choosing a cart that was not shaped like some sort of plane, train or automobile was strange and putting my purse instead of a kid into the top of it was even stranger. When I first walked into the store, I though that we should just try to breeze right through since shopping without the kids is so much faster. But after a while we realized that we were enjoying taking our time and really just marching to the beat of our own drum. There was no crying, whining, wanting to be picked up, wanting to be put down, throwing things, wanting a snack, wanting a different snack, demanding cheese from the deli and then throwing it immediately onto the floor… Halfway through the store I mentioned to my husband that we were taking a really long time and that maybe we should be taking advantage of not having the kids with us and try to be quick. He replied, “No kids, no problems. Anything goes right now.” I liked the sound of that and we proceeded to look at all of the different varieties of chocolate, selecting a $4 candy bar. From then on, we just went ahead and threw caution to the wind. We spent at least ten minutes selecting what type of cheese we’d be serving with the crackers tomorrow, probably a half an hour inspecting and reading the labels of the baby bath soaps, shampoos and conditioners, we took our time frolicking through the wine and beer section just because we were two adults that could. With our anything goes attitude, we made irrational purchases like a Hello Kitty brush and a penguin Flashlight Friend which we could for sure find for less money elsewhere, but we were feeling reckless and no one was there to stop us. There were times that I couldn’t help but to feel little pangs of guilt for having the kids in daycare on a day that I wasn’t working, but I soldiered on.

Now I know what you are thinking: Did they really spend their entire fourth date grocery shopping? Lame-o. Well, we didn’t. We also went to Michael’s to return something, Target to get some storage containers and then we actually went out to lunch. Grocery shopping and restaurant eating are COMPLETELY different experiences with and without kids. I usually have to shovel down my food with one hand while holding a child and drawing a cat or something on their placemat while also feeding the child that I am holding and cutting up the other child’s food. I know, it sounds impossible. Somehow, it is not.

After the restaurant, we went home to clean up around the house for a little while before picking up the kids. We took them out for an impromptu pre-dinner frozen yogurt trip which may have been a result of the guilty feeling that I had from not being with them all day. Thankfully for all, we did go back home to eat real food and this date did not end with ice cream for dinner.

Happy Thanksgiving!


No kids, no problems.

3 thoughts on “No kids, no problems. Does grocery shopping count as a fourth date?

  1. Haha love it sounds so romantic actually. Ive had the same with my husband on our child free days. Sometimes you get so caught up in the children you forget about ‘you’ or ‘us’ time which is so important. After being with my husband 10 years we thought our marriage was failing turned out we been consumed what that little one wanted and only living for her, scared for when this second one comes along which was a result of us getting back to balancing ‘us’ time with also the little one lol. Good on you xx

    • I totally agree. Having kids completely changes the dynamic in the relationship between mom and dad. It’s a big adjustment going from two to three in a family. Having baby #2 was easier in my opinion. Don’t be scared!!

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