How to jam an entire weekend into one day and even have time for a manicure

So this Saturday was the one that I had to work which left me with only one weekend day to do all the things. While I prefer to leave Sundays plan-free so that I can wash a minimum of six loads of laundry, do the grocery shopping, clean up the house, and prepare meals for the week, I also had to fit in a craft fair today because… ’tis the season!

Evil forces were working against me all day, but I managed to persevere! Princess Rapunzel woke up first and when I went to get her up she quickly informed me that her diaper had leaked. “It leaked on my pants, my shirt, my socks, my sheets, my blankets, and my pillow. But not my dolls (two Rapunzels and Flynn Rider in case you are interested) or my cats.” Great! After a bath for her and today’s first load of laundry, Little Boo was up and her diaper had also leaked! A bath for her and the second and third loads of laundry for the day and it was breakfast time. I started to think that maybe we shouldn’t try to hit up the craft fair today. And maybe I need to switch diaper brands? I had hoped to get out of the house by 10:00, but that clearly wasn’t happening.

When we were all finally ready to go, I had one last thing on the agenda before we could hit the road. Stroller practice. Yup. I’ve only attempted to use a stroller by myself one time before this and I almost dumped Princess Rapunzel out of it when she was a baby because I couldn’t get it to fully open and lock into place or whatever it is that strollers do, but I knew that I’d need one if only to stuff all the coats and other necessary paraphernalia into while we shopped. I’d like to point out that I am not some weirdo who has only attempted to leave the house one time with her kids. I just don’t use strollers. I prefer to wear one child in a sling or the Ergobaby and hold the other one’s hand. Princess Rapunzel sometimes gets tired of walking and since Daddy was staying home for this trip, I thought I’d better play it safe and bring the dreaded stroller. After successfully opening and closing it two times, I decided we were clear for takeoff. First stop – craft fair. Well first stop – drive through ATM, but next stop – craft fair!

It turns out that it really pays off to drag your two small children to places like this. We needed to get some lunch there because the kids got hungry, so when we went to get in line for food, the man in front of me let us cut him in line saying something along the lines of me seeming to have my hands full. At that point I had Little Boo in the Ergobaby and Princess Rapunzel was pushing her stroller herself, so my hands were actually empty, but who am I to argue? Then the cashier handed PR a free bag of chips which was really nice because the chips there were at least $16 since we were at the DCU Center and food there is much like at the movie theater – you need to mortgage your house in order to afford it. Either he was just being nice, or he wanted us to go away to avoid PR crashing her stroller into everyone else in the food line. Whatever the reason, we took those chips and strolled away. Later on, PR really took an interest in a booth that sold hand painted and stamped decorative ceramic tiles. The guy at the booth tried to give her one, but I didn’t want to take his stuff from him, so I ended up buying it for her. $10 for a tile with a black-eyed Susan stamped in it. Just what my three-year-old needs.

As any mom would do, I declared that we needed to visit the bathroom before we left. As if it wasn’t difficult enough to get all of us and a stroller in and out of the bathroom without getting covered in public bathroom germs, my phone started ringing while we were in there. A tree had fallen onto a building at work. Of course it did! Two kids, one stroller, two phones, three phone calls, and I managed to put a plan in place to get that situation under control. Because you can truly never have too many crocheted hats, we left the craft fair with two new ones. Plus the tile. Don’t forget the tile.

I was trying to decide if I should go home and put the girls down for naps and then go to the grocery store, but they both fell asleep in the car and I knew that if I took them home they’d wake up when I took them out of the car and never go back to sleep. Instead I did the obvious; drove to Market Basket and sat in the parking lot for 1/2 an hour while I let them nap. And sent a few emails about the tree-on-building situation. I forgot to mention earlier that we were on a tight schedule all day because a new Sofia the First was airing at 7:00 and the kids really wanted to see it. (Ok I wanted to see it too. Maybe more than them. It had Ariel in it.) Neither one of them was thrilled to be woken up and told that it was time to do the grocery shopping,  but it was getting late and we needed to get a move on.

We actually had a delightfully uneventful trip! LB gave me her usual hard time about not wanting to sit anywhere but up on the edge of the cart where she can fall backwards and plummet to certain death. I managed to trick her into sitting down and getting buckled in next to PR by telling her that she couldn’t touch the box of butter and then later saying that she could hold it if she sat nicely. I never said that my parenting techniques were perfect, but they work. Sometimes. She managed to sit semi-nicely for most of the trip clutching onto that butter like it was her precious Hello Kitty doll. Every time the kids threw something out of the cart we dropped something (a mitten, a blanket, an onion…), some friendly fellow customer was nice enough to point it out to me, so we didn’t have to circle the store at all looking for our stuff.

We got home, put the groceries away, got three more loads of laundry done, ate dinner, I made a beef stew for tomorrow’s dinner, and even managed to get a salad prepared to bring to work with me for lunch. All of this just in time for Sofia! I got the kids to bed, cleaned up the kitchen and then finally sat down for the first time today to relax. And paint my nails. An entire weekends’ worth of activities successfully jammed into one day. That’s how it’s done.


Probably not worth the effort.

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