And Hello Kitty saves the day

What do two broken phones, major sucky work problems, Santa, and a stomach bug all have in common? They have all been involved in ensuring that I am having the worst week ever. Does a new week start tomorrow on Sunday, or is it Monday? I really cannot seem to get a solid answer on that. Anyhow, a new week cannot start soon enough. I am over this one. O.V.E.R. it!

After finally getting through this week that tried to suck the life out of me, I was so looking forward to my weekend plans. Since in my opinion Christmas can’t start early enough, we had plans today with friends to take the kiddos to kick off the holiday season with our yearly Santa picture. I suppose that I should have been tipped off that all was still not well with the world by a certain diaper situation that Little Boo woke up with this morning. After a bath and a load of laundry, I put it behind me and we went on with our day. I got both girls all dressed up in their Christmas gear and we headed out to meet up with our friends and Mr. Claus himself. If my dang phone wasn’t so broken, I’d have an adorable photo of the girls all decked out. I mean… hooded sweater dresses, Christmas leggings, boots, matching hair accessories, the whole nine…

We made it through the 45 minute drive with very few problems and an endless number of questions: Is it a long ride or a short ride? Are we there yet? Are we in the area? Are we there yet? Will you tell Santa that I want an Ariel doll with a dress and a tail that sings, an Eric and also the bad guy from the Little Mermaid? I don’t want to tell him. I don’t want to sit on Santa’s lap. I like to sit on Daddy’s lap. Are we there yet? Santa makes me nervous. Are we there yet? Did I sing five songs or four songs? Are we there yet? When we finally were there yet, Little Boo started whining and crying and asking to get out. I turned around just in the Saint Nick of time to see her puke all over her adorable sweater dress. Nooooooooooooooo! As only a mommy could do, I managed to locate two washcloths in my enormous bag and jumped into the backseat in less that half of a second. That was just in time for her to puke two more times and really seal the deal on the fact that Santa was just not in the cards for us today.

I tell my husband that I need paper towels and a couple of plastic bags STAT!! Poor Princess Rapunzel is now realizing that she will not get to tell Santa about her Little Mermaid requests and is very concerned by the fact that we are no longer going to Christmas. My husband, the genius that he is, spots a Christmas Tree Shops and says that he’ll take her inside while I clean up Little Boo. Christmas Tree Shops, Santa, she’s only three… maybe she won’t know the difference? My poor kiddos hate the car, so the thought that we just drove for 45 minutes and would be turning around without getting them out seemed like a bad idea. I cleaned up Little Boo while Daddy and Princess Rapunzel perused the aisles of Christmas Tree Shops. What could have been an incredibly unpleasant ride home turned out just fine because they managed to find a Hello Kitty doll inside and Little Boo is obsessed. She was able to cuddle her new doll and we drove home listening to her: Hello Kitty happy! Hello Kitty cute! Hello kitty pretty! Hello Kitty shoes on! Hello Kitty Shoes off! 

Another bath, a couple loads of laundry, a little rice for dinner, and I got her to bed cuddling Hello Kitty. Hoping that tonight goes well and that no one else gets sick. Here’s to a better week that starts tomorrow. Or Monday.

And we’ll just have to settle for last year’s picture for now.

christmas 2012

Princess Rapunzel – not a huge fan of Santa last year.

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