How to be an amazing wife

There are lots of ways to be an amazing wife. This is just one hypothetical idea. That I made up. Just now.

If your husband were to call you three times before you even had gotten out of the house in the morning to let you know that he got to work and realized that he left his phone at home, you could offer to bring his phone to him on that third call. Even though his office extends your commute by at least a hundred years (or twenty minutes). He might tell you, “No, you don’t have to do that!”, but you could do it anyways. You tell him that you will be leaving soon. He’s already been at work for an hour and probably wonders why you haven’t even left yet. You don’t wonder why you haven’t even left yet because you know that you could probably¬†definitely stuff five feral cats into a sandwich bag faster than you can get out of the house with two small children. Especially since your employer and the kids’ daycare provider seem to expect that all parties should be properly dressed and groomed when they report in for duty.

Anyhow back to the phone. So you could drive the extra hundred years because let’s face it, you don’t even know what “on time” means anymore. In fact, “on time” should simply mean that you managed to show up on the correct day for those that have more than one child. If you have more than three children, I’d say show up in the right week and we’re good.

The phone gets delivered safely and you both go on about your day. When you get home, you might ask your husband if he was glad that he had the phone you brought to him and he might reply, “Yes! Thank you so much!” And then proceed to tell you that it was really important to have said phone because before he left for work, he had been in the middle of some sort of fantasy-football-trade-text-transaction and thankfully since he got his phone, he was able to seal the deal. You would be so happy to hear this and know that all of your troubles had really paid off.

And don’t forget that at some point on Sunday or Monday, you should ask your husband how that traded-for player has been doing in the getting of the points for the fantasy football. He will appreciate that. And he will know that he has an amazing wife.


Very important stuff happens here.

4 thoughts on “How to be an amazing wife

  1. Sounds wayyy too accurate! lol I guess maybe I should be glad now that I am without transportation and cannot bring the phone to my husband (for us it’s about a 45 minute drive each way, btw)!

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