Jewel is magic

Yes, you read that right. Something about that beautiful yodeling Alaskan with the crooked tooth is as magical as the most magical and sparkly unicorn that flies under double rainbows. If you have small children and do not own  Jewel – Lullaby, please run to your phone or iPad and order it up on Amazon right now! Or however you may buy things. I am an online shopper because, well, read my last post. Now back to the magic. I have no idea why, but from the time that my kids are buckling up to leave the hospital, they despise their infant car seat. Like it’s a tiny, safe, padded torture chamber designed to make them cry their tiny, tiny hearts out. I have seen so many moms toting their little darlings around in their infant seats with their babies happily sleeping away and I just stare at them in disbelief. Anyhow, most babies sleep in the car. Mine used to scream. Now, there has been a little improvement in this since they’ve gotten older and graduated into the regular car seats, but still, Little Boo can go a solid hour ride screaming the whole way and it’s enough to make you want to drive off the road.

Ok, I’m getting to the magic now. Three words: Angel Standing By. Track 13. For some reason that has to have been sent down directly from God, my kids fall asleep the minute this song comes on as if they have been hypnotized by soft, fluffy sleep sheep. I have driven many a trip in the car constantly hitting repeat on this song and letting the magic work so that I can reach my destination in peace and with my sanity.

That’s all I really have to say about that. Magic is real and Jewel is magic.

Jewel - Lullaby CD

Jewel – Lullaby CD

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