How my 30’s are different than my 20’s…

I’m almost two years into my thirties and yeah, so far this thirties things is way different than my twenties. It’s my husband’s birthday weekend and I can’t help but to think back to the big thirtieth birthday bash that I threw him, well we’ll call it “just a couple” of years ago. At that time only one of my friends had a kid, so it was actually not like trying to coordinate a group vacation to get everyone together. I’m pretty sure that every last one of our friends came and we all had a blast! So back to present times, and we spent my husband’s birthday Saturday together as a family poking around a craft fair before we headed out to dinner and actually got to the restaurant at 5:15. I can tell you one thing for sure. If I was in a restaurant at 5:15 in my twenties, I was eating lunch. Definitely. Not. Dinner.

Here are some other differences that I have come across:

Twenties: MUST spend a minimum of two hours per day in the gym.

Thirties: THRILLED if I get two consecutive hours of sleep. Ever.

Twenties: Before heading out, try on every outfit in the closet until finding the perfect ensemble and then check every angle in the mirror to ensure that it looks good from all views.

Thirties: Before heading out, first talk myself out of it being ok to walk out the door in yoga pants. Next, pick up the first thing in the perpetually unfolded pile of clean clothes and put that on. If I remember before actually leaving, check every angle in the mirror to try to limit the amount of boogers and smooshed up cheerios that are stuck on me when I am out in public.

Twenties: Grocery shopping took me a long time because I liked to hit up at least two different grocery stores to fulfill all of my shopping needs. Sometimes even three.

Thirties: Grocery shopping takes me a long time because I have two kids. In case you need me to paint the picture, that means a minimum of two trips to the bathroom, at least one tantrum, at least four breaks to pull various snacks out of my enormous bag, at least three changes to the girls’ seating arrangement in the cart, pull a binky out of my bag and put it back at least five times, think I’ve lost said binky at least once, circle grocery store two full times looking for the binky when one of the kids will produce it magically from God knows where (I took off yoga pants for this??), the little boo wants to get in the sling, now she wants to sit back with her sister, they want water, not the same water, they each need one, I only brought one, lose the list, find the list and realize that I’ve passed an aisle that I needed to get something from, lose the list for good, circle the store again trying to jog my memory for whatever items I still may need, get in line and remember that I have filled my cart with cereal, fruit snacks, crackers, three different kinds of milk and random produce, but that I never actually got anything to make a meal out of, oh well, get all groceries unloaded while trying to keep the two kids calm for this last leg of the trip, once I have unloaded everything, the 16-year-old cashier will ask me if I need help unloading…ummmm nope, spend at least $100, ask the 16-year-old for orange stickers for the kids so that they will stop screaming “stickers!”, get the stickers, the kids drop the stickers, fish through that enormous bag again for my keys, I can see the light at the end of the tunnel, finally bust out of those glass sliding doors and gulp in the fresh air or freedom. I have survived another grocery trip and should not have to deal with that for another six full days.

So yeah, there are more differences, but you get the picture. And whether we are spending birthdays in a bar with our friends, or at a craft fair with our kids, we are making memories together that will last forever. And we’ll look back when we’re in our forties at our wild craft fair expedition because we’ll probably be doing a birthday crossword puzzle and eating dinner at 4:00.

Wishing a very happy birthday weekend to my original boo. xoxoxoxo





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