Reasons why I can’t go to bed. By Princess Rapunzel

It’s too dark for me to sleep. I can’t see which side of my blanket is pink and which side is green.

I’m hungry. Very, very hungry. I need to find some food.

I want to play.

But Mama, wait! Stay here!

I want to wear my Santa jammies, not my cat jammies. I can’t sleep tonight in my cat jammies.

I need to tell you something.

I’m not tired. It’s not time for sleeping.

I need to ummmmm……ummmmmm…….ummmmmm…….

I have to pee again. I really really do.

You didn’t sing me my whole song. Can you sing it again?

We didn’t finish saying our prayers. I didn’t hear “Cheezus”.

I need my thing. You know, my THING!

What is Little Boo doing? Is she sleeping? Why?

Is it nighttime? Is the sun asleep?

But Mama, I’m talking to you!

I need my cat. No, not that one. Not THAT one. The one with sparkly eyes.

I can’t sleep without my two daughters and my son. You know, purple Rapunzel, wedding Rapunzel and Eugene. I’ll go get them.

I need fresh water. Is this water fresh? Is it cold? Is it full? I want much water.

But I don’t want to go to sleep. I want to watch a show.

I want to sleep in your bed.

But wait…WAIT!

Is THIS the green side?

Daddy didn’t say goodnight to me.

I can’t see the moon on my Dreamlite. It’s only a crescent moon and I wanna see a circle moon. Does the Dreamlite have batteries? Does it have a timer so that batteries don’t run out?

Is my smoke detector smiling at me? Is it sad?

Where are we going tomorrow? Can I wear my Rapunzel dress?

Did I give you a hug and kiss? Did I give you a hug and kiss three times? Why did I give you a hug and kiss three times? Ava is silly! Why is Ava so silly?

Ok, ok, ok. Goodnight I love you, Mama! I’ll see you in the morning.

Did you say you love me too?

But WAIT…is this green or pink??????


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