The Pumping Diaries ~ The End of an Era

Fun fact about me: I have been pregnant, breastfeeding, or both for four years this month. Crazy, I know! Sometimes I miss things… like coffee, or cold medicine, or the occasional margarita. I suppose that in the grand scheme of things, these are not that big of a deal to miss out on considering that I had to cut out all dairy and soy for both girls in the beginning. Oh yeah – another fun fact about me: I make babies that are allergic to dairy and soy. Thankfully, they both outgrew it by the time they turned one, so in my opinion we dodged a huge bullet there.

I had planned to breastfeed for the first twelve months. Ava nursed for the last time in the middle of the night before her first birthday. At the time, I was about five months pregnant and my supply had been getting lower and lower. She nursed that one last time and neither one of us ever looked back. My milk just went away like magic and that was that. Annabelle is a different story. I had the same plan to breastfeed her until twelve months, but here we are, two months before she turns two and up until three days ago, I was still pumping twice a day. She doesn’t eat a whole lot and still drinks five to six bottles throughout the course of a day (I know, she’s too old for a bottle – don’t judge!). I dropped one pumping session on Friday and we are getting ready to be done with this part of life.

It has been a very long road. I do not miss the days when I had to drag my pump to work with me and sneak off to the bathroom two times a day. The worst was trying to find places to pump when I had to go to meetings away from my own office. Oh the places I’ve pumped…a storage closet, a friend’s office, a stranger’s office, my car, many bathrooms (gross – I know, but you gotta do what you gotta do)… Sometimes in those first months I felt like I spent more time with my pump than with my husband!

In the near future I’ll be closing a chapter, trading nursing bras for regular ones and putting the trusty pump away. It’s different this time because the last time I knew that I was only putting it away for a few months, until the new baby came along. I guess that I am realizing that I no longer have a baby and that we really don’t have plans to have another.

So while I am at this bittersweet point where I am ending one era, and my baby is turning into a big girl, there are many new mommies out there just starting on their journeys. So from me to them, I wish you all good luck, great joy, and want to remind you never to leave home without your battery adapter…with fully charged batteries inside.


Yup. She's a big girl.

Yup. She’s a big girl.

7 thoughts on “The Pumping Diaries ~ The End of an Era

  1. OH MY GOSH BEST QUOTE EVER “It has been a very long road. I do not miss the days when I had to drag my pump to work with me and sneak off to the bathroom two times a day. “

  2. You have no idea… I had a young guy working in my office who actually thought I was eating lunch in the bathroom every day until one of the girls told him I was pumping. He was like, “Huh?”

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