Me vs. the Pot Roast

I am not good at cooking meats. Trimming chicken is the stuff that nightmares are made of. I have no clue how to cook a steak (but I have a husband, so he handles that). Today I thought I’d make a pot roast. I think I’ve made it twice before. Now, I once read a pot roast recipe that told me to “trim off all visible fat”. Ok, sounds easy enough, right? No. Not for me. I need them to be a little bit more specific. What does “visible” mean to this recipe author? I can’t help myself but to go nuts and hack the thing apart, gouging all of the fat out of the middle until the roast is now in chunks which I then try to tie back together with the string. This can’t be right. A 3 lb. roast quickly becomes a 2 lb. roast under my watchful knife skills. It’s been cooking for a few hours and it doesn’t seem to have that tender, falling-apart quality that most achieve with their pot roasts. This may be because I cut out all the fat.

Anyhow it was on my list of things to do today, so tender or not, I can cross it off the list! Thankfully I also made tortilla soup, which I have not found a way to mess up yet. And it is delicious! Maybe I’ll share the recipe another time…

See how much fat I got out?!


3 thoughts on “Me vs. the Pot Roast

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