Just Us on a Sunday

“Arm! Arm! Arm!”

This is what my almost-two-year-old is saying to me as she points to her arm that she is currently coloring with markers. I’m not 100% sure if she’s exclaiming, “Arm!” so as to show off her latest art installation, or if it’s more like, “Arm?” kind of asking me (albeit too late) if it’s ok to color here. Anyhow, I am trying to start my blog. Yup! I’ve been wanting to do it kinda forever (my forever started after giving birth to my 1st daughter). I’m always composing my next witty post in my head and today is the day that I pulled out my laptop while waiting for Ava to finish her breakfast. She actually cleaned her plate which she never does. It only took her an hour and a half. Do all three-year-olds eat this slow?

So this is us on a Sunday. We’re all still in our PJs and I am trying to plan out all the things that I want to get done today. Pretty soon I’ll switch from glasses and yoga pants to contacts and pajama jeans. It’s important to look your best; everyone knows that! Sundays are for grocery shopping, laundry, cleaning up, prepping food for the week, and most importantly, hanging with the fam. So here’s to getting at lease three of these things done. Ok maybe two. Happy Sunday!



Showing off her ink

Showing off her ink

Caught in the act

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